How to Write Essay in UPSC Exam?

Essay For UPSC- How to write an essay in IAS Examination 

The essay writing for UPSC civil service examination is the most important section of the main examination essay writing in UPSC helps the candidate to score more in the examination. We all know that practice makes a man perfect and as a result of practicing you get to know how to write the essay for the UPSC civil service examination that will help you in scoring better marks. It is important for the candidates to attend the essay paper with the same gravity as they have attempted all the other papers. so it is important for you to read this article so that you can learn how to write the essay for the UPSC civil service examination.

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Essay for UPSC 

UPSC essay paper is completely different from paper in the UPSC mains examination one has to write two essays for this examination and each essay has a count of 1000 to 1200 words. There will be four topics that have been provided to the candidates and the candidates have to pick two topics of their choice. The essay paper for the main examination is 250 marks each essay is 125 marks. In the examination, the candidate gets 2 essay types. The first is the formal type of essay and the other one is the informal type of essay for the UPSC civil service examination. Formal essays are always expected to be nearly impossible and this is why it becomes a little hard for a candidate to prepare for essay writing in the best way. The formal essays are less emotional in this essay the candidate half to present the facts. In formal essays, the candidate should never use the first person reference for your understanding. We would like to say that a formal essay should have some seriousness to it.

Importance of essay writing in UPSC 

In the UPSC mains essay paper exam, the candidate has to write two essays. The candidate has a time limit of 3 hours to complete the essays that are given in the question paper for every essay a candidate have to write 1000 to 1200 words however every essay that is given is 125 maths that makes a total of 250 marks the essay paper is divided into two sections the first section is section A and another section is section B. for every section a candidate get a choice of four essays the candidate have to pick one from each section and have to write for the selected essay also the question paper gives clear instructions about what a candidate has to do. The candidate gets the extra credit for the effective and unique expression about the topic they have selected. It is important for the candidate to underline the keywords and mention the solid facts as this will conclude as a plus point for the aspirant.

IAS Essay Writing Strategy 

The most common method for structuring best is breaking the essay into two different paragraphs. In these body paragraphs, the aspirant has to fit all contents that are relevant and match the topic that is asked in the examination.

Strategies to Prepare for Essay Writing:-

Study the trends 

One should Refer to the previous year’s question paper so that you can get an idea of what type of essays are asked in the examination. The candidate will also get a good knowledge of analyzing the topics, make a list of the generic topics and prepare them in advance so that at the time of the examination you do not hustle up.

Read Books 

The aspirant should read a lot of books so that they can have a good knowledge of the content they have to write for the essay. Reading books will help the candidate in gathering the content for the IAS essay writing. The candidate will also get good information for other papers as well. We all know that books provide a lot of knowledge to the candidates and everyone who reads them books are also very helpful in increasing the vocabulary of the students.


Mentioning quotations that are given by the personality that is famous will highlight the essay you have written. The aspirant should keep reading the quotations and try to memorize them so that they can be used whenever needed. The candidate should also practice writing the quotations and connecting them with the content of the essay.

Current Affairs 

UPSC aspirants should definitely read current affairs and they should be updated about the current affairs part addressing current issues and relevant news most of the essay topics for UPSC civil service examination. The candidate will get some extra marks if they write the information that is related to the current affair.

Practice is the key to Success 

Practice makes a man perfect. It is not just a coat but it is true that if you prepare and write good essays by practicing them regularly then you will definitely score good marks in the UPSC mains essay writing examination. one should write essays for practice to help you get used to writing a lot of words within a time limit.

Tips on Essay Writing for UPSC 

Decide Structure

One should always decide the structure of the essay before making the paragraphs the candidate should focus on writing the essays in a paragraph form so that the essay will look more presentable the candidate should always pay attention to when to change the paragraph and where they have to add some of the pointers with some good knowledge and important points using this. the candidate can score more in the examination it is very important for the candidates to have a flow in the essay it is connected to the writing order the writing orders are of to type that includes:- 


As we can understand by name the way of writing an essay should be like the content goes from known to new. in short the facts and figures that are used to state the new data that you are mentioning in the essay.


In this method, the candidate should firstly put the simple ideas that are introduced and developed onto the complex ideas. This is how the depth of the knowledge and the understanding are tested.


The most important part of any essay is the introduction part. The initial impressions are very solid and if you write good content in the first initial paragraphs then you will definitely give a good impression to the examiner. A good introduction makes a better impression. The introduction part helps to build a new idea throughout the essay. The introduction part of any essay sets the base for the entire essay part. A good essay will engage the examiner to read your essay further.


Initially, a candidate should start a paragraph by stating the negative side then they should go on for expressing the positive views and should include the facts and ideas that support the idea you are writing in your essay. The analytical paragraph looks best in the end but there are no such rules for some of the topics. This process can be used as the opening for the topic.


The conclusion is the important part of any essay and this is a place where the candidate can score marks if they have written it properly. The conclusions are always a crucial part of any of the essays that you are writing. The conclusion is supposed to be full feeling and never in question.


Brainstorming is basically a process that is used to generate some wonderful ideas within your mind brainstorming in UPSC essay writing examination can be the best idea to analyze the given topic you have to decide that what all points you will be mentioning and in which order you will mention the details facts or any other information regarding the essay. The brainstorming part helps the candidate to make the IAS essay writing more organized and well written.

Elements of Essay 

Here are the elements of an essay:- 

Dynamic Elements: 

Under dynamic elements, we include political-economic and social aspects of any given topic

Static Elements: 

Static Elements include the legal, technological, constitutional, and technical aspects.

Persona Element: 

In this element, the candidates have to include some good personal experience. the candidate should stay within the accepted framework of ethical conduct.


Keywords always play a very important role in any of the content that is written in the UPSC essay writing. The keywords are very important as they provide a clear picture of the topic. The candidate can also highlight the keyword so that it will become more attractive for The reader and The reader can clearly identify parts of your essay.

How to write an Essay in UPSC? 

Mentioning some of the important tips that will help you in writing the best essay for the UPSC civil service examination.

Sticking to the Time limit

We all know that in the IAS examination a candidate has to write two essays and both the essays have to be written in 3 hours. The distribution of time by the candidates should be done in a very systematic manner so that they can complete both essays in a given period of time. The candidate should calculate the amount of time that is required for the brainstorming and then they should add some extra 10 to 15 minutes that they can spare on the reading or understanding or we can say organizing the paragraph part in the excess time. The candidate can either revise or write some extra fixes that are needed to be written in the essay.

How to Introduce the Essay?

Introduction plays a very important role in every content essay. The candidate should frame their introduction in a very interesting menu. The best introduction can become more exciting for The reader so that The reader knows what they have to follow up on or what they will be reading in the below-given essay. A good introduction to the essay can be a brief explanation about the topic of the essay itself to make an introduction more interesting. The candidate can add some of the personal experiences on quotations and you should definitely highlight these quotations. However, you should always write an introduction with a clear view and not lead The reader into confusion by giving the wrong introduction to your essay topic.

How to Conclude the Essay?

The conclusion part plays a very important role in any essay writing. The conclusion is equally important as the introduction part. The introduction and conclusion of any essay should be very strong so that a reader can get a clear picture of the question that is asked in the essay. Most importantly the conclusion of the acid depends on what is asked in the questions to conclude the essay one can use different methods. For instance, we would like to say that you should start the conclusion by summarising the important points of the essay and then drawing them into a conclusion that does not end up as a question. The candidate can also conclude by bringing the idea in the introduction and providing a solution. A conclusion should always be precise and should end at a positive end.

Sample Essay for UPSC 

Looking at the simple essay for the UPSC essay writing examination, the candidates who are going to appear for UPSC civil service examination should read the topics that we are mentioning here as the sample essay and you can also practice these essays.

  • Life is a long journey between human beings and being humane
  • The mind is everything. What do you think you become
  • Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but imagination
  • Science and Mysticism: Are they compatible?
  • The government should reduce the Agriculture subsidies
  • COVID-19 has widened the rural and the urban divide
  • A free woman is a characteristic of a developed society
  • New Education Policy 2020: A Progressive Policy with Diverse Challenges
  • National Identity and Patriotism
  • Can Capitalism Bring Inclusive Growth?
  • Multinational Corporations: Savior or Saboteur

Frequently Asked Questions:- 

What is an essay paper for the UPSC mains examination?

Answer:- The essay paper is one of the 9 papers that are conducted in the UPSC mains examination. In the essay paper, the candidate gets to write essays that should be written with a word limit of a thousand or 1200 words within a time period of 3 hours. it is very important for a candidate to know how to write an essay as this will give them a good marking 

Does handwriting matter in UPSC?

Answer:- The main paper of the UPSC examination is subjective and the type and hence the candidates have to write long answers. Having good handwriting can be an asset for the candidates who are going to appear for UPSC civil service examination. A candidate should practice essay writing with good handwriting.

How do I write a UPSC essay?

Answer:- The candidate should know how they have to frame an essay for the UPSC mains examination. If you have any queries you can refer to the article that is given above.

Which newspaper is best for UPSC?

Ans:- for a long time the UPSC aspirant has been referring to the Hindu, business standard, and The Indian Express newspaper.

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