How to Crack UPSC Exam in First Attempt?

How to Crack UPSC/IAS Exam in 1st Attempt – Guidance and Strategy

If there is one examination in India that is a prestigious examination everyone wants to get success in this examination it is definitely the UPSC examination so to give you an idea. We have provided you with a clear picture that around 10 lakh experience applied to sit in this examination and only 800 plus candidates get to live their dream of becoming a successful IAS officer. This examination is associated with the IAS tag that magnetizes a lot of graduates in India. This examination is the examination in which not everyone gets success in their first attempt. but a lot of candidates dream of cracking the IAS examination on the first attempt. Although a lot of graduates have done this job very successfully and today we have gathered some proven strategies and tricks that will definitely help you in cracking the UPSC civil service examination in your first attempt so your first step should be to read all these tips and tricks we are mentioning below.

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Crack UPSC with originality 

Yes, you came to write an article, and here you will get a clear picture of cracking the UPSC civil service examination in the first attempt. In order to get into the Lal Bahadur Shastri IAS academy in your first attempt, a candidate must have an original plan to follow up. If you analyze the strategy of a number of toppers you will only find that none of the toppers have followed the same strategy and every topic has its own specific and special strategy. to crack this examination you can find some of the elements to be the same but the overall plan is completely original and this is the only reason that has made them a topper and because this you have to make an original plan that glorifies your strength and balance your weak points a candidate can take inspiration from the toppers but you have to make your original plan on your own. If you have a desire to crack the UPSC civil service examination in your first attempt, the most important aspects that you need for your originality are strategy and notes.


Strategy is something that helps a candidate work along with their own needs and capabilities. A great strategy is what you need to crack the UPSC civil service examination strategy. It can also be done to know whether you have to use it in a good plan or not. The strategy for a week tests the limits of these strategies and you have to find out the maximum productivity you can leverage from the strategy you have maintained. A candidate should remember that everyone has their own limits and their own strengths so you have to choose a strategy that amplifies your strengths and rectifies your weaknesses.


The internet has made it very easy for candidates to access the notes of the toppers. but is it really beneficial for the candidates you need to think for a moment that the difference is very huge between what you read from the books and what you do on your own notes are shorter and they are comprised of all the relevant information and knowledge you need but the only important thing is you need to know every concept and every single detail about all the topics that you are going to read? The notes are the shorter form of what you understand or what you grabbed from the whole topic which you have learned. Keeping notes on your own will help you in clearing your idea about the concepts and if you follow. this you will remember that things for a longer period of time the candidate can get through the notes of the toppers but you never use them as your primary source making your own notes will help you in your writing skills and understanding that what topic or what point is necessary to crack the main stage of the UPSC civil service examination in your very first attempt.

Understand UPSC to Crack IAS 

Is very important for every candidate to understand UPSC if you want to crack the IAS examination in your first attempt. Everywhere, union public service comes up with an exam calendar that contains all the required information regarding the examination and the release of the admit card or every other detail about the IAS examination. one can understand the pattern of the IAS examination and set the preparation accordingly as it is very important for a student to keep an eye on every change and every single aspect of the IAS examination. To get the information about the examination pattern you need to understand the 3 stages: our preliminary examination, the main examination, and the interview session Thoroughly. Every stage of the civil service examination has its own and a different pattern. So a candidate who is going to appear for the IAS examination has to look for all the three stages of the UPSC examination and the pattern understanding the three-tier examination is the first step that a candidate should follow to crack the UPSC civil service examination.

Exam Pattern For UPSC 

There are a lot of examinations that are conducted by UPSC but the IAS examination is one of the prestigious examinations that is conducted by UPSC. It is a three-tier examination that includes preliminary examination, main examination, and the interview round that is the personality test, and every stage of UPSC civil service examination has its own pattern. The preliminary examination is of objective type and is just a screening test for the candidates to make them eligible to apply for the main examination. the mains examination is a descriptive type examination that contains a lot of weightage and where a candidate has to write the detailed solutions about every single topic that is just the last stage for the examination is the personality test that is the interview round and the candidates have to clear this round to successfully crack the IAS examination. therefore having a dedicated strategy for IAS examination is very necessary for every single candidate

Syllabus Pattern 

Another very important thing that can help you crack UPSC civil service examination in your first attempt is your knowledge about the syllabus for UPSC civil service examination. The syllabus of the IAS examination is quite vast and it contains a lot of topics from different subjects. The candidate overlooked the syllabus and they followed the popular reference book as their guide for the UPSC civil service examination that contains extra information that is not a part of the official syllabus of the UPSC civil service examination and is also not issued by the UPSC. The syllabus is the first thing that a candidate should check thoroughly before starting the preparation for UPSC civil service examination. UPSC wants the candidate to know something about everything and not everything about something and this is why a candidate should make a clear balance in understanding the concepts.

Prepare well and Crack UPSC IAS Examination 

The best tip that can help you crack UPSC civil service examination in your first attempt is to prepare well. We do not need to tell IAS aspirants that they have to prepare well but it is important for you to follow some good reference books by exploring different sources and for every competitive examination. You need to have some set of books and you have to follow the same that goes for UPSC civil service examination. There is a lot of content available on IAS but a candidate has to choose the best one because their only aim is to crack the UPSC civil service examination. Now we are going to explain to you the two sources that will definitely help you in preparing well for the IAS examination.

Only best books to crack UPSC IAS Examination 

IAS is a popular examination and because of which you will get thousands of books that will claim themselves to be the best for the preparation of UPSC civil service examination a many candidates have been into a trap because of this so you should always keep yourself out of this trap and you should buy the books that are helpful and provide the best knowledge for the UPSC civil service examination. Every topper and every coaching institute stresses the importance of NCERT to form a strong foundation of different concepts among the candidates but following only the NCERT books will not help you for the UPSC civil service examination. one should have at least two or three books to follow and you should stick to them. You have to remember that the book you are going to choose for the preparation of the UPSC civil service examination should have every topic mentioned in them and you should also get some of the previous year’s question papers in those books.

Leverage online world 

Leveraging the online world is the best solution for candidates in the digital era. Everything is available at a click so one should leverage it. You should search out the best content that suits your style that can be in audio or visual form or it can be a great text also. the candidate should use every possible source for the preparation of the UPSC civil service examination. most of the online content is free to access and this is another positive point of having internet with you a little tip that we can provide you is that the best way to prepare for the interview round is to watch the mock interviews of the toppers on YouTube and this will give you a high benefit at the time of the interview round.

Stand out in your answer 

All the preliminary examinations are objective-type question papers but the main examination and the interview round are not the last two stages of the IAS examination that contribute to the final ranking at the most. Hence it is very important for the candidate that their answer looks sound and feels different from the other candidates. Now you will come to know how well here is an easy breakdown that will help you in understanding the facts of how you can stand out in your answer for the UPSC civil service examination.

Crack UPSC IAS mains examination 

One should take care of the very few details when drafting solutions for the main examination. A candidate can use bullet points and they can use paragraphs only for the introduction and conclusion part and when you know the content is not enough to avoid overwriting. you should have adequate space between your words, draw diagrams and you can also highlight. the important words and you should always highlight very little content and you should never overdo it to conclude you should make your answer sound confident by using some of the strong adverbs and you should have an unbiased viewpoint on the social issues.

Crack UPSC IAS interview 

One should be unbiased and have a positive view of the issues. The same goes for the interview round one should avoid multiple hand gestures and you should make good eye contact and you should sound informed and aware about the question that is asked to you. The candidate should pronounce the word clearly and you should have a good pitch and volume for which you can keep on speaking and you can practice by giving different mock interviews. The most important part that the candidate can do is speak politely and convey. In a respectful way towards the board members, you should trust that saying no is way better than answering the answer to your questions in the interview session. It can sound tough for the candidates but being well practiced for the interview session can be beneficial for you one should be aware of the word they are going to use. All these small things will add up and make you stand out from others and will also help you crack the UPSC civil service examination in the very first attempt.

Balance hard work and smart work 

A very clear thing to tell about the UPSC civil service examination is that this examination requires a long-term commitment. The examination itself takes a long time to get completed and a lot of experience that their preparation is early because of a lot of hard work and smart work. this examination becomes a journey of hard work and determination the more focused and determined you are the more is the chance to get selected in the first attempt for the UPSC civil service examination the candidates have to understand that every UPSC aspirant does hard work and try to get the best success in the UPSC civil service examination and because of which you need to balance hard work and smart work to get some extra advantage. Below are some of the points that will help you in maintaining a balance between hard work and smart work.

Hard work to crack IAS 

Hard Work is very important to get anything. It is a necessary stage of life and to crack the UPSC examination in the first attempt a candidate has to do consistent hard work. It is important for a UPSC aspirant to have a long-term study hour for becoming consistent with timing and doing the same work every day one should do physical exercise to get some fitness and cut off the addiction and bad habits. you should treat your time as money and you have to spend it wisely so you have to become accountable and stop giving excuses for every single thing.

Smart work to crack IAS examination 

One should remember that there is a difference between the selected student and the experience who do not get selected and there is a very thin line between both of them. The only difference is the smart work in their strategy. if you are doing hard work with smart work you will definitely get success. There is no secret that every aspirant has to work hard to crack UPSC civil service examination but not all of them get selected due to the less availability of seats. hence your role is to do smart work you should not worry a lot about smart work but you should follow the following given points:-

  • You should listen to the audio content while traveling.
  • The candidate should study with a fellow UPSC aspirant and do a weekly analysis of these studies with them so that you can compare your progress and you can add some more information and content to your knowledge.
  • You should study dynamically. That means that if you are reading about floods that are in geography then you have to check out. if there is any natural disaster that has occurred due to flooding from current affairs and what have the authorities done to control it. so this will help you in covering different topics under a single topic.

Since it is smart to work, you have to be creative and you have to find more ways to perform smart moves to crack the UPSC civil service examination.

Be disciplined and truthful 

The important part that you should keep in mind is that you should be disciplined and truthful in the battle of who cracks the UPSC examination. The only person who is disciplined enough wins, motivation is overrated and discipline is important. One needs to rely on motivation every time is not a solution. one day or the other day you are going to run out of motivation but discipline is something that will help you every day and will follow your routine and remain truthful to it. If you understand the importance of discipline at this stage it will become very easy for you to move ahead in becoming a successful IAS officer. You have to follow your routine and you have to become a disciplined person and this is why you are going to become an IAS officer. In fact being disciplined means every step you will take towards your goal is going to be a truthful one as you are going to get an IAS tag. one should remember that their routine should be good and their strategies should be truthful

Frequently Asked Questions:-

 Is it even possible to crack the UPSC IAS examination on the first attempt? 

ANSWER:- Yes, it is possible to crack UPSC civil service examination in the first attempt but it is really possible there are a lot of IAS officers who have cracked the UPSC civil service examination in their first attempt. The only thing they have done is the hard work and they have provided a good mindset to themselves. 

Why is the UPSC IAS examination so popular in India?

ANSWER:- The UPSC IAS examination is known as the mother of all examinations. This exam guarantees you a reputed job with good money, government facilities, and prestige. UPSC holds different respect in the eyes of the people in Indian society. All these factors have made the IAS examination the most popular and prestigious examination. Remember the job of an IAS officer is not the easiest one it is one of the stressful and tiring jobs.

How to avoid procrastination and laziness while preparing for the IAS examination?

ANSWER:- First of all one should understand that what is procrastination the procrastination is does not equal laziness and the best way to stop procrastinating is by being disciplined one should make a routine time and maintain a habit of preparing that routine with a proper gap. one should set a rigid time for the daily study or task.

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