Who was the first Engineer

Who was the first Engineer?

The very first engineer known to exist is Imhotep the creator the builder of Step Pyramid in Egypt who was alive probably around 2550 bce, the first engineer in India who has achieved great success in his career and has done amazing work in the country is Mr. Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, it is this engineer who brought the country forward and is now remembered every year on September 15 as we celebrate Engineer’s day, Mr. Visvesvaraya left a great mark on the country’s development and has helped the country to grow in many ways due to which September 15 each year is known as the Engineer’s day. Introducing India to engineering must have taken a lot of dedication; however with the current day and age and the advancement that the country has, engineering has taken a different path altogether. People see engineering as a way of getting a degree that holds some value however students who appreciate the art behind engineering also appreciate the amount of stress that the course and the job cause, engineering is not only about building things engineering is about maintaining it and making use of resources at their full potential while also helping the general public. There are several engineers in the country who have done great work and have helped the nation build but engineering over the years has lost its meaning between the race of who has the best qualification and the most degree. Mr. Visvesvaraya in his day and age built the first floodgates that were installed at Khadakwasla in Pune in the year 1903 and since then the inventions of the engineers of the country have never stopped, India as a country has witnessed great growth in the engineering field, form building floodgates to now building our own highly-advanced tactical equipment for the army and autonomous vehicles for the general public, engineering has come a far way since its implementation in the country and it seems like there is a long way ahead of us still. 

How engineering is helping us in our everyday life?

From your automated door locks to your automated vehicles engineering is in every particle of our daily life from elevators to escalators engineering is in everything that we touch form this very computer to the smart device in your hands engineering has led us to this moment and to this day and age where we can seamlessly connect to our friends and families with zero hassle and with the help of quick adaptation and implementation the race to bring new innovations to the market and new engineering masterpieces is on. The country has witnessed the perception of young minds change from preparation for medical exams to preparing for engineering exam, understanding the benefits of becoming a good engineer has attracted students to shift their career and even their streams in their high schools to be eligible to appear for the engineering exam. Truth be told engineering does open a lot of doors for your career however with the rising number of engineers and less and less people being interested in the actual engineer work, the future of engineering in the country seem bleak, however, the recent surveys show that students are appreciating the art that engineering is and are more and more attracted towards the opportunities that the current world is provided to engineers of today. The engineers of today are only concerned with the highly quality innovations, engineers have understood that the world is no stranger to the art of engineering and there still are a lot of fields where innovations lack and things are in dire need of a refreshment, in our everyday world engineers have helped up build roads, bridges, high-end sophisticated elevators, phenomenal pieces of machinery that make everyday tasks a bliss such as cleaning and gardening, all everyday problems are solvable with just a dash of engineering. 

Why are more and more students attracted to engineering?

More and more students are choosing engineering as their career option due to the fact that engineering allows individuals to be their own person and use their creativity to solve everyday problems, engineering makes a person a great problem solver, all engineers are in themselves problem solvers, from solving mechanical problems to solving technical problems, engineers are problem solvers and that is a fact, there are multiple types of engineers who are specialist in their own way, there are mechanical engineers, then there are chemical engineers, there are electrical engineers, then there are civil engineers, there are also people who are biomedical engineers, all of these engines have a purpose and that purpose is to make everyday life easier and strengthening the nation. A great nation requires all sorts of engineers to build itself into a super power, we need civil engineers who take care of building roads, bridges, and whatnot, we need electrical engineers to help power the nation, we need mechanical engineers who ensures that everything runs smooth, then there are biomedical engineers who go into great depth of why’s and how’s of diseases, a country to flourish and become a super power requires all sorts of engineers helping it throughout the way, in these current times of pandemic biomedical engineers have been proven to be the best asset and the most important asset to the country and have helped it to take down the virus and helped the country emerge as a leader and a superpower. 

Engineering is a way of life it is what has made this country into a great super power and has helped it to build itself into the high-tech country that it is today, the engineer of today are to be thanked for all the achievements that India has achieved and it is due to the engineers of today that the country has emerged as a leader in the field of technology and advanced defence systems, the country needs more and more engineers to keep going and keep growing at the current rate. 

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