What’s your motivation behind becoming an IAS officer

What’s your motivation behind becoming an IAS officer?

Why do you want to become an IAS Officer?

Officers of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) play an essential role in the administration of both the national and state governments. A person who works as an IAS official is a part of our country’s active executive machinery and permanent bureaucracy. After rising through the ranks of the military and gaining years of experience, an officer may be appointed to oversee government ministries, higher departments, or a key socioeconomic institution in our country, as well as represent our country on international, bilateral, or multilateral platforms.

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Civil services provide a platform for a candidate to serve the country at various levels, work for the welfare of the poor, and contribute to the nation’s growth, in addition to being an attractive career option with rewards such as a good package and job stability.

Why to become IAS?

The majority of aspirants aspire to be IAS officers for a variety of reasons, many of which are emotional in nature. You were denied opportunities in the past or you have been a victim of some injustice by our bureaucratic system or you may come from a very poor family and have seen hardships, struggle or you want to make your loved ones proud or you have been an underachiever in the past or you dream to roam into an ambassador with red headlight are just a few of the emotional reasons. You did not pass IIT/IIM/AIIMS/NITs/IISC/GATE/NDA/PCS or get into top institutions or organisations because you did not pass examinations like IIT/IIM/AIIMS/NITs/IISC/GATE/NDA/PCS. If this is the case and you are preparing for the civil service test for the reasons stated above, you should reconsider, as the Union Public Service Commission does not conduct civil service exams to provide us with justice, to please our egos, or to increase our social status. Rather, the Union Public Service requires people who are self-motivated for the betterment of society and who would assist in the implementation of central government programmes.

Top 10 Reasons to Aim for Civil Services

Since the country’s economy opened up in the 1990s, enormous opportunities have knocked on the doors of young people all around the country. The IT and ITES businesses have realised the hopes of both young and old people, and thousands of people are employed in this field each year. Start-ups are the new buzzword, and everyone in India is either starting one or working for one! Every year, new millionaires emerge, and one cannot help but be astounded by the rapid expansion of modest businesses into multinational corporations.

Despite this, multitudes of young people across India aspire to work for the government. And the IAS reigns supreme when it comes to government jobs. Civil service is the highest level of government employment in the bureaucracy. The private sector has its share of fame and fortune, but the fact that most individuals want a secure government position is evidenced by the thousands of people who apply for public service every year.

Check Top 10 Advantage of Why to become IAS?

Thinking What motivates you to pursue a career as an IAS Officer? Let’s look at the facts. What are the benefits of being an IAS officer? Why do you want to be an IAS officer?

  • If you pass the IAS exam, your life will be changed forever. When you acquire the IAS tag after your name, this isn’t just a trite statement. THINGS WILL CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE. Period.
  • No other private job can provide you with the same level of job security.
  • You’ll be in a position of legitimate power and authority. With your power, you can genuinely do some good for people and society.
  • Your compensation will provide you with a reasonable take-home pay at the end of each month.
  • You have the option of living in a lovely bungalow with staff. For official purposes, you will also receive a government vehicle.
  • Once you’ve earned the title of ‘IAS,’ your status will skyrocket.
  • You can mingle with the society’s elite. Depending on your level, you may even have regular meetings with the country’s Prime Minister!
  • You have the potential to make your parents extremely proud of you. Of course, even if you wind up in a private job, they will be proud, but the IAS is a different storey.
  • Many people are put off from taking the IAS exam while having a secret IAS ambition. They believe this is the most difficult exam and refuse to study for it because they believe it is beyond their abilities. Many IAS toppers had mediocre or even bad academic backgrounds, which could surprise you. All you have to do is stick to the appropriate strategy and prepare attentively and honestly. The outcomes will unfold in their own time.
  • This one is likely to inspire you if you need more reasons to believe in the civil service. If you join the IAS, IFS, or IPS and utilise your power wisely, you will be recognised as one of the greats who impacted the country’s future by future generations. Consider the names T N Seshan, Kiran Bedi, Ajit Doval, Nirupama Rao, U Sagayam, and Narendra Kumar. Aren’t these names enticing? If you pass the UPSC civil services exam, your name may appear beside them.


Note: The top ten reasons and benefits of IAS listed here should be enough to persuade you to pursue IAS, but the main motivation should come from a desire to serve the country. Once you are certain that you want to work in the Indian government to make positive changes in society, you will have the right motivation to appear for the exam with complete concentration.

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