What is the total score of GATE exam?

What is the total score of the GATE exam?

About GATE

All-India assessment regulated and directed at the behest of the National Coordinating Board, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) which is held in eight zones across the country by the GATE Committee, which is made up of faculty members from IISc, Bangalore, and the other seven IITs. For admissions to Postgraduate Programs (ME, M.Tech, MS, direct PhD) in foundations, the GATE score/rank is used, for example, IIT and IISc and so on with MHRD monetary guide. PSUs, as well, use GATE scores to choose individuals for an assortment of eminent positions that compensate fairly.

IIT Kharagpur will host GATE 2022, with the exam taking place in February 2022. IIT Kharagpur’s exam notification will most likely be posted in September 2022.

What’s New in GATE 2022

There are two new subject papers:

  • ES (Environmental Science and Engineering)
  • XH (Humanities and Social Sciences) in Economics or English or Linguistics on the other hand either Philosophy or Psychology or Sociology.
  • There is an aggregate of 27 subject papers. 
  •  Some of the questions will include Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), while the rest of them are Multiple Select Questions (MSQ) and some are Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions.
  •  The eligibility conditions have been loosened. Campaigners who are enrolled in the third or advanced time of an undergraduate degree program OR who have formerly finished a government-approved degree program in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Science, Commerce, or Trades are eligible to take the GATE-2022 test. 
  •  A student may be asked to share in ONE or TWO subject papers. Exam givers who choose TWO papers must choose from a list of sanctioned combinations, which is subject to structure and date vacuity. 

GATE Exam Pattern 2022

The official brochure and the revised GATE Exam Pattern have been released by IIT Kharagpur. Except for the revision in the pattern for Architecture and Planning, there have been no changes to the GATE test pattern 2022. Naval armature, or nonmilitary engineering, is an engineering discipline incorporating rudiments of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the engineering design process, shipbuilding, conservation, and operation of marine vessels and structures, Gate Exam Pattern.

  • GATE 2022 will be a 3-hour computer-based entrance exam that will be held online.
  • There will be 65 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Multiple Select Questions (MCQs), and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions on the GATE Question Paper.
  • For each correct answer on the paper, candidates receive 1-2 marks.
  • A maximum of two GATE papers are available to candidates. IIT Kharagpur has also updated the GATE 2022 Two-paper Combination, expanding the number of alternatives available. Examine the updated GATE 2022 Two-Paper Combination.
  • The GATE 2022 Syllabus has not been changed. General aptitude (15 marks) and core subjects (with a weightage of 85 marks) are the two sections in which the syllabus for the exam is divided.

Paper-wise detailed Paper Pattern

The GATE Exam Pattern 2022 varies depending on the parts and the allocation of marks in each test.

  • GATE papers all have a portion on general aptitude. The section accounts for 15% of the overall grade. The questions in GA are divided into three categories: verbal, numerical, and quantitative. There are ten questions in all, five of which are for one mark and five of which are worth two.
  • For the exams with paper codes AE, AG, BM, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, ES, IN, ME, MN, MT, PE, PI, TF, and XE, the General Aptitude will consist of 15% points, Engineering Mathematics will consist of 13% points, and subject paper will consist the remaining 72%.
  • For the exams with paper codes AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, ST, XH, and XL, the General Aptitude part will account for 15% of the total points, while the subject paper will account for the remaining 85%.

GATE Exam Pattern 2022 (AE, AG, BM, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, ES, IN, ME, MN, MT, NM, PE, PI, TF, and ST)

There will be 55 questions from core discipline and engineering mathematics, in addition to the 10 questions in the General Aptitude segment. Out of the total, 25 questions will be worth one point, while the remaining 30 will be worth two points each.

GATE Exam Pattern 2022 (CY, EY, MA, and PH)

General Aptitude and Core Discipline are two sections in each of the GATE papers with codes CY, EY, MA, and PH.

  • The General Aptitude portion has 15 questions and accounts for 15% of the overall weightage.
  • The Core Discipline consists of 55 questions and accounts for 75% of the overall weightage in the exam. The Core Discipline part contains 25 questions of 1 mark each and 30 questions worth 2 marks each, for a total of 85 points.

GATE Exam Pattern 2022 {Architecture and Planning (AR)}

This year’s GATE Exam Pattern for Architecture and Planning has been updated. The paper will be divided into three portions, according to the updated exam pattern: GA (General Aptitude), Part A, and Part B. Part A is a required portion for all candidates, whereas Part B is separated into Sections B1 (Architecture) and B2 (Business) (Planning). During the exam, students must choose one of the sections, Tips and Tricks for crack gate Exam.

  • The General Aptitude Section consists of five questions of one mark each and five questions worth two marks each, for a total of 15 points.
  • Part A is a compulsory component that consists of 39 questions, 18 of which are for 1 mark and 21 of which are worth 2 marks, for a total of 60 points.
  • Part B is a section that comprises either Architecture or Planning (depending on the candidate) and has a total of 16 questions, 7 of which are for 1 mark and 9 of which are worth 2 marks, for a total of 25 marks.
  • There are a total of 55 questions in this section, which includes General Aptitude and Part A or Part B and a total of 100 marks.

GATE Exam Pattern 2022 {Geomatics Engineering (GE)}

Geomatics Engineering is a new paper added by IIT Kharagpur in GATE 2022. The question paper for Geomatics Engineering has three sections: GA, Part A, and Part B, according to the exam pattern.

  • The General Aptitude section consists of 10 questions, which has 5 questions of 1 mark each and 5 questions of 2 marks each, making it a total of 15 marks.
  • Part A consists of 35 questions of 55 marks, which is divided into 17 questions of 1 mark each and 19 questions of 2 marks each.
  • Part B which consists of either Section 1 or Section 2 depending upon the student, is made up of 16 questions of 30 marks in total and is divided into 8 questions of 1 mark each and 11 questions of 2 marks each.

GATE Exam Pattern 2022 {Geology and Geophysics (GG)}

General Aptitude, Part A, and Part B are the three portions of the GATE GG paper. Section 1 (Geology) and Section 2 (Physics) make up Part B. (Geophysics). The General Aptitude part and Part A are required to be completed, while applicants must select either Section 1 or Section 2 from Part B.

GATE Exam Pattern 2022 {Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM)}

IIT Kharagpur has introduced a new paper in GATE 2022: Naval Architecture and Maine Engineering. There will be two sections in the paper: GA and Main Subject.

GATE Exam Pattern 2022 {Engineering Sciences (XE)}

The GATE XE exam consists of three components. Candidates must choose TWO sections from Section B-H of the GATE XE test, with General Aptitude and Section A (Engineering Mathematics) being mandatory.

General Aptitude consists of ten questions worth a total of fifteen points.

Section A for Engineering Mathematics consists of 11 questions worth a total of 15 points.

Section B-H consists of 22 questions for 35 points each. The following are some of the topics covered in these sections:

  • XE-B – Fluid mechanics
  • XE-C – Material Science
  • XE-D – Solid mechanics
  • XE-E – Thermodynamics
  • XE-F – Polymer Science and Engineering
  • XE-G – Food technology
  • XE-H – Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

GATE Marking Scheme

The paper contains 65 questions worth 100 points for each of the 27 subjects. Each paper is separated into subsections, and a grading scheme is established based on this.

  • There will be ten 15-mark questions covering the full General Aptitude portion out of a total of 100. (Language and Analytical Skills).
  • 5 questions of 2 marks each and 5 questions of 1 mark each in general aptitude.
  • Engineering For the paper codes AE, AG, BM, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, ES, IN, ME, MN, MT, PE, PI, TF, and XE, mathematics will account for around 13% of the total points.
  • The subject of the paper receives the remaining 72 per cent of the total points.
  • General Aptitude will cover 15% of the whole question paper for the paper codes AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, ST, XH, and XL, while the subject of the paper will fill the remaining 85% of the total question paper.

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