How to Choose an Optional Subject For UPSC Exam?

There are some important aspects that should be kept in mind while choosing the optional subject for UPSC civil service examination.

Here are some of the factors that you may consider to choose the best from the list of optional subjects for UPSC:

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Know about your Interest and Academic Background

It is important for a candidate to know about your interest in the subject by exploring it through the school level NCERT books, going through the optional subject syllabus, and your comfort level in reading any particular subject for the UPSC civil service examination.

Know about if the Coaching Available for the Subject

You should talk to your friends, colleagues, and the civil service or qualify for the UPSC civil service examination. to know about the best UPSC coaching institute that provides guidance and training for the optional subject that you are going to choose.

Analyze the Contribution of the Optional Subject to the syllabus of General Studies.

Firstly you have to find out the past question paper and the syllabus of the optional subject and then you have to see the contribution of the optional subject regarding the general studies paper.

Past three years Performance of the Optional Subject

The candidate should evaluate the performance of the optional subject in recent years to know about the status of the optional subjects and the contribution of the optional subject to the success of the students. There are some of the optional subjects that go through a few years of toughness for the question asked or the marks given.

Time Management

A person selecting any optional subject the main thing that a candidate should keep in mind is time management. The IAS aspirant should decide how much time they will be able to spend on studying the optional subject. Few candidates might be working while preparing for the UPSC civil service examination. They should make an estimate of the amount of time that is required to study the optional subject that they have to learn.

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