Best Tips & Strategy For UPSC Exam Preparation 2022

 UPSC Preparation Tips & Strategy For IAS Exam

It is very tough to get success in UPSC civil service examination UPSC examination is also known as the IAS examination this examination is a combination of the right strategy and right knowledge the candidate must have a good strategy for the preparation of UPSC civil service examination along with right knowledge the training from the best mentors also play a vital role in the performance of the UPSC aspirants no doubt one has to prepare the topics of UPSC civil service examination very nicely and they should have a piece of deep knowledge about every single topic but one can also acquire few skills in order to get good scores in IAS examination.

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The demand of the IAS examination is that one should have a plan and guided preparation with the right focus on every topic. One should always know that their only goal is to crack UPSC civil service examination along with acquiring good knowledge from the best faculty that are present and the best UPSC coaching institutes in India. When you study in any university you study for knowledge and when you are studying for the IAS exam your goal is to crack this examination by getting good scores with the best strategy. The dedication Towards cracking UPSC civil service examination will make a huge difference to your performance and preparation in the examination. The first step that a candidate should take while appearing for UPSC civil service examination is that they know about the pattern of the examination.

IAS Examination Pattern

The UPSC examination consists of three stages: preliminary examination, main examination, and personality test. The candidate who was going to appear for the UPSC civil service examination had to clear one stage and then they moved to the other stage. and at every stage, the candidate has to be more dedicated and should get the best scores because the number of candidates reduces on every coming States on average about 500000 candidate occurs in the first stage and till the final round only 700- 1000 candidates got selected in civil services exam because of this reason it has become more important for the candidates to get a good strategy for the preparation of UPSC civil service examination.

Some More Tips to Improve the Preparation strategy of UPSC Civil Service Examination:- 

  • The candidate should know about the examination pattern very nicely and should understand the expectation and needs of the UPSC civil service examination
  • The candidate should start reading the newspaper on a regular basis to have a good hold on current affairs.
  • The candidate should develop the knowledge from the basic fundamentals.
  • The Ias aspirant should solve a lot of MCQ questions related to which subject in the UPSC civil service examination to know about the strength and weaknesses.
  • The main thing that is in the strategy of preparing for the UPSC civil service examination is to strengthen the strong areas and keep working on the weak areas.
  • The syllabus of the UPSC civil service examination is very vast and because of which the candidate should keep on making notes for the UPSC civil service examination for every topic.
  • The last step to improve the UPSC civil service examination is consistency. The candidate should have the same dedication and level of commitment towards this examination till the last day.

How to prepare for UPSC | Step-by-Step UPSC Preparation Tips For IAS Exam

Let us look at a 5-step full-proof preparation strategy for preparing for the Civil Services Examination.

Step 1: Know the exam well

Step 2: Strengthen your foundation

Step 3: Upgrade Your Knowledge

Step 4: Practice Answer-Writing

Step 5: Mock-Test Based Learning/March Towards Prelims

Subject-Wise Preparation Strategy For IAS Exam

1 – How to prepare for UPSC – Polity & Governance

2. How to prepare General Science, Life Science and Science and Technology for UPSC

3. How to prepare for UPSC – Economic and Social development

4. How to prepare Geography and Environment for UPSC

5. How to prepare History and Culture for UPSC

6.How to start UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation?

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