Strategy For GATE Examination 2022

Strategy For GATE Examination 2022

GATE examination is a gateway for the candidates who want postgraduate admission in some of the prestigious colleges in our country and private sector undertaking jobs. The number of candidates that appeared for the GATE 2022 examination will be approximately 9 lakh and the competition will be really very high. Preparing for the GATE examination requires a good strategy. In our article, we will provide you with the toppers’ strategy to prepare for the gate 2022 examination in the best possible way that will definitely provide you with the best part for the preparation of the examination, Tips and Tricks for gate examination.

Toppers Strategy Gate 2022 Examination

Later in this article, you are going to know about these steps of the toppers strategy that will help you in the preparation of the GATE entrance examination, Best Books For GATE 2022 Exam.

  1. Know about the GATE examination 

  • The GATE examination is conducted through an online mode of 3 hours with 65 questions and the total mark is 100 for the GATE examination. 
  • The question paper consists of multiple-choice questions, multiple select questions, and numerical answer type questions.

Have a good knowledge about the syllabus and the weightage of every subject 

  • There are many subjects that are included in the syllabus of the GATE entrance examination.
  • It is important for a candidate to observe the complete syllabus of the gate Exam.
  • The candidate should match their knowledge with the syllabus of the GATE entrance examination and plan the preparation with the subjects they are familiar with. 
  • The candidate should calculate the weightage for every subject based on the previous year’s question papers and target the preparation to carry more marks in the GATE entrance examination.

Select the best books and study material for the preparation. 

  • The selection of good study material and resources is very important at the initial stage of the preparation of the GATE entrance examination
  • The candidate should read one or two books that are sufficient for every subject.
  • the candidate should always make or give their first priority to read from the other books rather than the resources.
  • The candidates may prepare with the online video lecture, coaching notes, and course material.
  • The candidates can also prepare the books that they have followed during the undergraduate course.

The following are the tips to remember in follow during preparation: 

  • The candidate should analyze and understand the pattern of the previous year’s question paper.
  • the candidate should focus on the concepts rather than memorizing everything.
  • the candidate should practice the previous year’s question papers.
  • The candidate should practise mock test series and revise on a regular basis.
  • It is important for a candidate to analyze the questions that are asked in the examination.
  • The GATE examination always has conceptual and numerical questions so a candidate should try to find shorter methods to solve the problems.
  • Time management is very important so a candidate should prepare about managing the time 

Gate 2022 Preparation 

  • The candidate should start preparing for the examination as early as possible.
  • The candidate should create a plan for the preparation of the GATE 2022 examination.
  • The candidate should plan according to their comfort and make sure that they follow the timetable.
  • revision is the key to success and the candidate should definitely revise on a regular basis.
  • If self-preparation is not sufficient the candidate should take help from the best and the expert teaching faculties.
  • a candidate should make a routine and follow it for the preparation of the GATE entrance examination.

Follow the plan to Complete the Syllabus Revision Practice. 

  • The candidate should make sure that they follow the plan that they have made for the preparation of the GATE entrance examination and they do not have to get distracted.
  • The candidate should start with the basics that they should move on to the tougher topics.
  • the student should learn or understand each and every topic.
  • The candidate should make notes and devices on a regular basis and practice topic-wise question papers to complete every topic in a better way.
  • The candidate should attempt different tests for every subject to know about the performance.
  • If the candidates have any doubt they should clear it immediately, work on their weaknesses and make their strengths better, Start Preparing For GATE Exam.

Different Mock Tests 

  • The candidate should take different mock tests on a regular basis. 
  • The candidate should work for accurate and effective study. 
  • The candidate should pay attention to their strengths and weaknesses during the mock test and they should pay attention to the post-analysis of the mock test they have taken.

Revise and practice in the last stage 

  • Revision is very important. The candidate should make notes and revise them on a regular basis.
  • the candidate should advise on a weekly basis that the time taken for revision should gradually decrease. If it does not then you should return to the topic and you should prepare for the same topic again. 
  • The candidate should practice the numerical as well and revise only the theory.
  • toppers notes for gate exam.

Last-Minute Strategy for the GATE Entrance Examination.

  • During the last 15 days, the candidate must devise as much as they can so they do not have to develop any new topic during this period.
  • the candidate should revise each and every concept and numerical solving method.
  • The candidate should solve a few more test papers to make themselves confident. 
  • The candidate should not panic, this should make sure that they are getting proper sleep and healthy food. 
  • The candidate should be ready with the admit card and all the necessary documents.

All the advice that we have mentioned in this article is very valuable and helpful for the candidates who are going to prepare for the GATE entrance examination. These points are given by the gate toppers. If you follow all the points correctly then you will definitely get success in the GATE entrance examination.

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