Best MPPSC Coaching Institutes In Bhopal

Best MPPSC Coaching Institutes In Bhopal

The Top MPPSC coaching in Bhopal is the best place for the preparation of the MPPSC examination. These coaching institutes prepare you by providing you with the best education and guidance. The MPPSC examination is conducted in three stages: preliminary examination, main examination, and interview rounds. Any student who is a graduate or in the final year of graduation is eligible to apply for the MPPSC examination. For the MPPSC examination, there is no optional subject. The main examination is conducted after the preliminary examination and the candidates become eligible for the main examination if they score well and the preliminary examination. For the MPPSC preliminary examination, there is no negative marking and this examination consists of two papers, and the main examination consists of seven papers. The age limit that defines yourself eligible for the applying of MPPSC examination is 21 to 40 years, Top MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal.

Top MPPSC Coaching In Indore

The top coaching institutes for MPPSC in Bhopal guide the students and prepare them well for different stages of examination along with interviews with the help of educated and experienced teachers and comprehensively design study materials to fulfill all the requirements during preparation. The top MPPSC coaching contributes their maximum to transform the ability of students and manifest their advancement in knowledge and capabilities. In the circumstances of fewer job opportunities, the students need to get correct guidance in the preparation for the MPPSC examination for maximizing their chances of employment to qualify for the examination.

The MPPSC Examinations


Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission MPPSC State Service ExamIs an open opportunity for the students of Madhya Pradesh to secure their job position in various posts in government departments. It is a unit of UPSC examination that is conducted on a national basis whereas MPPSC examination is conducted on a state basis only for Madhya Pradesh. It provides job opportunities at the post of Deputy Collector, FRO, Assistant Director, etc. 

Examination Pattern

 The MPPSC examination is conducted at three stages and students qualify all the stages to get a job position in different departments. the following are the detail related to the examination pattern of MPPSC examination:

Stages Subjects Time Duration Maximum marks
  1. Prelims 
  1. General Studies(MCQ)
  2. General Aptitude(MCQ)
2 hours for Each paper 200 for each paper
2.  Mains 
  1. General Studies-I 
  2. General Studies-II 
  3. General Studies-III 
  4. General Studies-IV 
  5. Hindi
  6. Hindi Essay 
3 hours 

3 hours

3 hours 

3 hours 

3 hours 

2 hours 







  • Prelims examination is MCQ Examination and does not include negative marking for wrong answers.
  • The students qualifying prelims and Mains examination will be eligible for a personal interview test which consists of 175 marks.
  • The final selection of the students is dependent on the marks obtained in mains at interview tests.

General Overview Syllabus for MPPSC Examinations:

  1. General Studies- Objective
  2. General Science and Environment.
  3. Current Events of National & International Importance.
  4. History of India and Independent India.
  5. Indian Polity and Economy.
  6. Sports
  7. Geography. History and Culture of M.P.
  8. Polity and Economy of M.P.
  9. Information and Communication Technology.

How to Prepare For the MPPSC Exam?

Best MPPSC Coaching in Bhopal can help you prepare for the most desired and the most competitive exam with great ease, choosing the Best MPPSC coaching in Indore is quite a task as there are multiple other coaching institutes that are present and with heaps of institutes to choose from zeroing down to one single institute can be tricky. With coaching institutes like Sharma Academy preparing for the MPPSC exam is easy, the institute focuses on the overall development of its students and with great features such as online MPPSC exam training the Sharma, Academy aims to become the best MPPSC coaching in Bhopal. Indore being one of the leading cities in the country that has developed itself to great new heights and provides students with great amenities is the most desired city in the country for aspirants to prepare for the MPPSC exam with the great infrastructure and low-cost rents choosing Top MPPSC coaching in Bhopal is one of the best decisions that an aspirant can make. Embark on your special journey of achieving great success in the MPPSC exam by choosing MPPSC coaching in Bhopal.

Here Are The List Of The Top 10 MPPSC Coaching Institutes In Bhopal

Rank 1: Study Champions: MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal 

Study Champions is the best MPPSC coaching institute in Bhopal for seeking admission for preparation of Civil Service Examinations. It helps in deriving the opportunities in order to boost the career and various alternatives available for the students in an improvised manner to study and enhance their productivity. The faculty focuses on determining the maximum optimum value of the students by analyzing their personal perspectives related to studies and then analyzing them on an individual basis. It excels in the profession by a team that is well organized and systematic in the field of education and enables it to grow at a rapid pace.

Highlight Of Study Champions

  • Different personality development classes are conducted by this coaching institute.
  • This coaching institute conducts different motivational sessions under the guidance of the toppers.
  • The teacher guides the students for a better future.
  • best classroom courses are provided to the candidates.

Rank No 2 Unique IAS Study Circle | MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal

This is one of the premier coaching institutes for the preparation of the MPPSC examination With an exceptionally experienced faculty of teachers and well-designed study materials to ace the examination. It has achieved great success by helping thousands of students every year in the preparation for the civil service examination in Indore and boosting their morale and confidence to secure good marks in the .tomonthlyersonal interview test. It is one of the prominent choices that maximize the probability of securing a good position in the examination and achieving a job in government departments.

Qualitative Aspects of the institute

The study material as an extensive detailed format provided by the institute to guide the student in a better form to improve the effectiveness and efficiency:

  • They are written in easy languages to ensure better understanding.
  • Handwritten notes are provided to ensure clarity related to different topics for various subjects.
  • It includes conceptual knowledge and illustrative examples for understanding the concept theory.
  • It consists of practical problems to maintain the practicing behavior among the students.
  • It consists of questions related to the past year to provide glimpses related to the examination level.
  • It is provided for different subjects without any additional cost incurred.

Rank No 3 The Administrator Academy | Best MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal

This coaching institute is an ideal platform for the students preparing for the MPPSC examination as it provides consistent guidance and support to the students so that they can focus entirely on their prep without any hesitation and discomfort. the classroom facilities of the institute are remarkable as it includes interactive sessions and doubts clearing session which clear all the hurdles during preparation.

Specifications of the Institute

The following is the specification of the institute was just provide a consistent guide in the preparation of MPPSC examinations:

  • The institute has a great infrastructure designed with a big comfortable space for learning.
  • The institute has a highly educated and experienced faculty of teachers.
  •  there is a conduct of personal and interactive sessions between students and teachers to maintain a good relationship.
  •  It provides online and offline modes of education to maintain the regularity and comfortability of the students.

Rank 4: Kautilya Academy: MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal

One of the leading and emerging coaching institutes in Indore is the Kautilya Academy, the institute is one of the most desired and ranks highest in students satisfaction levels, with the excellent faculty team and the years of experience that the institute has Kautilya Institute automatically becomes one of the most favorite MPPSC coaching institute in Bhopal. Founded under the guidance of Mr. Shridhant Joshi the Kautilya Insitute has surpassed the competition and has achieved great success in the education industry. The institute was established almost over 2 decades ago with the sole aim of making flagship education easily accessible to students all around the country and has since helped thousands of students realize their true potential and has helped them unlock their skills and master them so that students can achieve great scores in their competitive examinations MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal.

Features Of Kautilya Academy | MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal 

The institute’s faculty team is extremely dedicated to students’ success and provides them with 24×7 faculty support.

  • Meticulously planned study material and a great overall quality learning experience help the students to learn more and stay motivated throughout their exam preparation journey.
  • Doubt clearing sessions, one-on-one doubt clearing sessions help students by eliminating all their queries and doubts about a concept or a topic.
  • Online live courses help students stay engaged and motivated and install quality skills in them which leads students to achieve more and study more.
  • The revolutionary teaching methodology helps the institute in providing the students with the best quality education at all times and helping them unlock their true potential.

Rank 5: Udaan Carrer Academy | Best MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal

Udaan career Academy has received a good rank among the coaching institutes for the MPPSC examination with its phenomenal faculty of teachers and constant guidance provided to the students in their preparation for civil service examinations. it is to be trusted with his study pattern and methodologies by the students so that it can help the students in its best way and create greater opportunities on securing good marks in the examinations. The faculty of teachers try to share their full knowledge and provide personalized care to ensure development in academic standards.

Salient Features of the Institute

 Following are the features of the institute which help it to achieve its objectives:

  • New learning strategies are taught to improve the capabilities and skills
  • The teaching techniques are dynamic with the rapid changes in the technological environment.
  • The teaching faculty consists of a well-educated and experienced team who ensure improvement in the performance of their teaching. 
  • Test series are conducted regularly and progress reports are communicated to maintain performance analysis regularly.
  • Parents’ teacher’s meetings are conducted at regular intervals and they are provided with the academic status of preparation of their wards.

Rank No 6 Dhyeya IAS/PSC | Best MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal

It would be one of the wise decisions to seek MPPSC coaching from the Dhyeya IAS coaching institute as it had transformed the future of thousands of students in its educational profession. They have been consistently providing a good quality of education related to different competitive Level Examinations along with the MPPSC civil service examination. They maintain regularity and consistency in learning through different Strategies and guidance of an educated faculty of teachers. They provide numerous opportunities for improvement through the conduct of interactive sessions and test series regularly.

Highlights of the Institute

The institute has been designed to ensure the smooth operation of the preparation. Following are the highlights of the coaching institute:

  • Well planned study schedule of different subjects.
  • A well-structured online session of classes to maintain consistency.
  • Live lectures on different subjects for relevant topics.
  • Study material covering 100% syllabus with detailed conceptual knowledge and illustrative examples. 
  • Interactive sessions by experts.
  • Doubt clearing sessions for clarity in the concepts.
  • E-library facilities of general knowledge and current affairs

Rank 7 Kalka IAS: MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal

It is one of the best institutes for civil service coaching in Bhopal which is situated in the prime location to help the maximum of the student by contributing the time and efforts for the positive and optimum output. It has been providing the best quality of education to the experience for many years with its extensive detailed study material and consistently dedicated teachers providing their best possible teaching techniques to improve the skills and knowledge of students. It is an appropriate choice for competitive-level examinations as they provide a continuous wave to success with their phenomenal past results.

Some Highlights

  • The Institute is dedicated to students’ success and goes above and beyond its limits to ensure that all students are provided with great quality education at affordable rates making flagship education easily accessible.
  • Impeccable election track record and great previous year results have helped the institute to become one of the best MPPSC Coaching in Bhopal.

Rank No 8 RUDRA IAS: MPPSC Coaching In Bhopal

This is one of the premier coaching institutes for the preparation of the MPPSC examination With an exceptionally experienced faculty of teachers and well-designed study materials to ace the examination. It has achieved great success by helping thousands of students every year in the preparation for the civil service examination in Indore and boosting their morale and confidence to secure good marks in the .tomonthlyersonal interview test. It is one of the prominent choices that maximize the probability of securing a good position in the examination and achieving a job in government departments.

Rank No 9 – PRAYAS KSG (Khan Study Group)


Rank No 10 ICE Group of Education


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