IAS Interview Questions And Answers UPSC Interview Process 

The candidates who have successfully cleared the first two stages of the civil service examination, that is preliminary and mains examination, have to appear for the IAS interview test. The candidates might have a lot of questions regarding what exactly happens in the IAS officer interview. So the interview panel conducts a personality test in the interview round where a number of IAS interview questions are asked to the candidates who clear the first two stages of the civil service examination. The UPSC interview questions include some standard and tricky questions that assess the personality of the individual and how honest a candidate is. So in this article, we will clear all your doubts regarding how the interview for the IAS examination is being conducted and what are the questions that are asked in the examination.

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IAS Interview Questions Preparation Strategy 

To follow 

  • The candidate should read the current affair and make points from it.
  • the candidate should make a possible list of IAS interview questions. 
  • focus on building up your confidence by practicing answers in front of the mirror. 
  • analyze how you will be answering the questions that are asked by the panel. 
  • record the self-practice sessions and check where you are lacking. 
  • the candidate should brush up their language over the current scenario and the subject they have done graduation.

To avoid 

  • A candidate should stay calm and do not stress on the interview day. 
  • The candidate should not bluff with the interviewer.
  • The candidate should not get much concerned about the theoretical IAS interview questions.
  • The only thing that works is the way you approach any question that is asked to you.
  • the candidate should not argue with the interview panel members and maintain decorum all time.

IAS officer Interview Process 

In the interview process, we will provide you with every detail that the IAS aspirant should know.


The candidate needs to report at the venue with some extra time in hand in front of the gate for UPSC. The candidate should have decorum maintained while standing in the queue until the preliminary verification process starts.

Documents you need to carry for the IAS officer interview 

  • Interview call letter.
  • Identification proof that includes mains admit card voter ID PAN card and Aadhar Card.
  • the candidate has to cross-check their name in the list after the verification they will allow and guide you to enter the building from the entry point.

Mobiles Submission 

While entering the UPSC Gate a candidate has to submit their phones in an envelope. The candidate who is going to appear for the IAS examination has to write their name and roll number on that envelope. the phone should be switched off and submit it to security. they will provide you a table number such as 123 up to 15 so the candidate has to sit according to the table number

Circular Hall Entry 

Once you get to your table you have to follow the rules. The candidate has to move towards a circular hall with many tables and chairs around them. You need to find your table according to your table number and you have to set their actual verification of the documents for the interview round that will take place in the circular hall. It is a smooth process and the staff will be present to help you. There are a lot of newspapers to read along with biscuits and tea for the candidates. they will provide a questionnaire that you have to fill with basic background information. it is just for IAS research and analysis purpose 

Group of 6 Candidates 

there will be five other people with you who will appear for the interview. The UPSC will take the IAS officer interview in a group of 6 candidates so if the number is more there can be 7 candidates in the room this means one particular board will take the interview with a group of 6 to 7 candidates. 

Fill the form 

The attendant will come and will provide you with some forms that you have to fill so you have to fill the form carefully and by reading all the instructions the candidate should know their sequence that where they have to go and when they will have their IAS interview but there will be a paper that includes the details about your medical test. Later the staff member will give you a sheet with your user id and password or this information will be put into use when you will qualify for the IAS interview questions round.

Verification of certificate 

 Now you have to submit all the required certificates in the original and the photocopy to the attendant. The attendant will perform proper scrutiny and will take it to the senior staff that is sitting at the hall center. After that, they will give all the original documents to you and will keep the photocopy. This process will take around 30 to 45 minutes. 

The questionnaire, TA bill, and attestation form 

The candidate has to submit the traveling allowance form of a non-Delhi candidate to the staff person they will ask every candidate won by to collect the question. The candidate has to submit the attestation form provided to the DoPT and not to the UPSC then they have to submit the attestation form after the result. 

What if the Candidate won’t have the Certificate?

there are a lot of candidates who do not have their original certificates with them they have doubt that if they do not have the certificate then what they have to do in these cases the candidate has to fill and undertaking form that contains a legal declaration they have to mention in the declaration that if they do not submit the certificate within 15 days they will be not considered as a candidate. In this case, the candidate does not have to panic at all and hear you do not have to panic as if you do not submit your certificate. By chance within the 15 days, you are still allowed to take the interview with no effect impacting your results of the IAS examination the UPSC will declare your candidature provisional you can later submit your proper certificate.

Board Announcement 

A person will announce the name of the chairman whose board will take the interview of the candidates you do not go for the interview with the preformed opinion about any board as it is not under your control. This process will take around 75 minutes and then the interview will get started. A person will call out the name of the candidates for the interview round. 

Time for Interview 

While going for the interview you will be thoroughly checked by the people of staff you do not have to bring any pencil pen or any other thing inside the room. The candidate can go to the washroom if they want. The candidates have to wait outside the chairman’s room. You do not have to enter the interview room by yourself. a bell will ring and the attendant will open the door and then you have to ask permission to come inside the room for how long you have to wait outside depending on the time taken by the previous candidate who is giving the interview 

Interview Room 

After all the verification and procedure they will allow the candidate to enter the room. So different rooms have their own setups for the table. Maybe you get a room where you just have to work straight and sit on the chair in an interview while in some other room you need to walk around half the table to go to your seat and you will be facing the chairman. two members will be sitting adjacent to the chairman and the other two will be adjacent to you and then they will start asking the IAS interview questions.

Purpose of IAS Mock Interview 

IAS Mock Interview 

  • The mock interviews help the candidate in the assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The candidate can perform their best level in the final stage of the civil service examination by taking different mock test interviews. 
  • The academy is conducting an IAS mock interview. In short, the panel members of the eminent personalities from the civil services themselves also include some of the top retired government officials that can also help you. 
  • The prominent academic conduct the interview in the ambiance like in the actual UPSC interview session. This will provide you with a realistic environment along with a real experience that will help you in the interview round. 
  • The IAS mock interview is the best place where the candidate is not being judged for who they are and the examiners help you in enhancing your personality.
  • Mock interviews will help the candidates by enhancing the grounds of ethical standards, general knowledge, and the personality development of a candidate. 
  • The mock test interview is very important for the candidates

IAS Interview Questions And Answers 

Apart from the lots that are asked in the interview from the candidates. The questions are mostly random in general. so the candidate can not prepare for the interview session in advance. We have listed some of the different traits that can help the candidates in understanding the IAS interview questions. It is just the basic idea of what you can expect from an IAS officer interview round.

Standard IAS Interview Questions 

  1. Give your brief introduction 

The most standard UPSC interview question includes the introduction of the candidate. It is not just only in the IAS officer interview but this question is asked in every interview so a candidate can start introducing themselves by giving a brief introduction that includes the personal information, academic qualification, family background in the professional experience. Moreover, a candidate should keep the information precise and up to the point, it can match the resume information that you have given to the panel.

Why do you want to become an IAS officer? 

The other standard question that is just in the IAS interview is why do you want to become an IAS officer. This question gives the overall clarity of the thought of an individual. This is the most important part of IAS interview questions and answers that are being asked from a lot of aspirants. Moreover, this provides an overview to the panelists about the goals, interests, motivations, passions, and inspiration that you have followed To the point of becoming an IAS officer. so the aspirants can do some Advanced preparation for one of these types of questions

Tell us one of your positive and negative strength 

As academic knowledge in mental alertness is the key component that are the basic pillars of a successful IAS officer. integrity and honesty are equally important for becoming a successful IAS officer so along with the standard UPSC interview questions some of these questions about telling your positive and negative strengths can be asked.

The panelist also analyzed how honest a candidate is while answering the UPSC interview questions. The IAS officer interview panel consists of subject matter experts who have a long time of experience. You cannot confuse them by providing some confusing answers, so make a list of all your strengths and weaknesses and try to include some logical explanations and examples that support your answer.

Tricky IAS Questions for Interview 

  • The interviewer ordered a cup of coffee for the candidate to appear for the interview. Coffee has arrived and was kept before the candidate so what is before you?

The alphabet T comes before U so, T is before U.

Generally, a candidate will answer that coffee is before them. The panelist said he ordered coffee to create a scenario in the candidate’s mind that makes him think innovatively but the perfect answer to this question is to completely ignore the coffee and think about the explanation from some other point of view. The candidate answered T and also explained that this question can be answered by thinking about the alphabet. Most of the time the candidates who handle this kind of answers and questions get selected.

What if you woke up one morning and found that you were pregnant and asked a female candidate?

I would be very happy to take a day off and celebrate this good news with my husband.

This question can be answered by explaining the above-given answer. Most of the time these questions are asked to test the candidate. The panelist wanted to check how the candidate would react to such shocking news. The news can be shocking and also have a positive outcome so when you answer these kinds of questions you should show a positive blend of your mind.

Tell us the place where Lord Rama would have celebrated his first Diwali?

These kinds of questions can be very tricky and they require both academic and practical knowledge of things but the most common answer to this question is that Lord Rama may have celebrated Diwali at their Mithila or at Lanka. The literal history explains that Diwali was celebrated as Lord Krishna’s mark killing Narkasur. Krishan Avtar comes after Ram Avatar in dashavatar. However, the Diwali celebration was started after Ramavtar and Lord Rama did not celebrate his first Diwali.

If 2 is a company and 3 is the crowd then what will be 4 and 5?

4 and 5 will always be 9.

This question can be explained using the above-given answer. It happens most of the time that any candidate can sum up the logical and mathematical problems and they forget the easy problem while overthinking about the answer. The candidate must maintain a perfect balance between thinking and overthink so the interviewer wanted to check this thing while asking these types of confusing questions.

If you had 4 oranges and 3 apples in one hand and 3 oranges and 4 apples in the other hand then what would you have?

Very large hands.

Most people will answer this question as 8 apples and eat oranges but the candidate should answer this type of question by proving themselves as they think out of the box.

How can you lift an elephant with just one hand? 

No issues as you can not find an elephant with just one hand so you have to understand this question and solve it but the candidate who can think out of the box can be the only one who can answer these types of tricky questions asked by the interviewer.

A cat has three children. A cat names them January, February, and March so what is the cat’s name?

The cat’s name is “What”.

The interview was to check the presence of a candidate and expect an answer like in future IAS officers so one should make themselves present-minded.

Frequently Asked Questions, IAS Interview Questions:- 

What will be the minimum qualifying marks for the UPSC interview? 

Answer:- the IAS interview round will carry 275 marks with no minimum qualifying marks. 

How is speaking English important during an interview? 

Answer:- The UPSC conducts interviews and personality tests in different languages. They provide the candidate to write the answers in the papers in one language only. They have to dig out the best brain for the welfare of the country. However, the candidate must have learned or have to learn English as it will help them in their career. The candidate has to communicate with different organizations and institutions so language should not be a matter of limitation at that time. 

What is the educational qualification needed to appear for an IAS examination?

Answer:- the candidate who is going to appear for UPSC civil service examination has to show the graduation degree whether distant or regular. The degree provided to the candidate should be of the universities that have been incorporated by an act of the central or the state legislature in India or any other educational institution that has been established by the parliament act.

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