How to Start Preparing for IAS 

How to Start Preparing for IAS  

Firstly try to join an online or offline classroom program. Because correct guidance and training can help to increase the probability of success in CSE. Thus if you are aspiring to start a UPSC CSE preparation, in that case, we would strongly suggest you mix your efforts on self-study along with professional training provided by a coaching center. So join a coaching center that provides live classes and recorded classes and other facilities such as 

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  •  Personal Mentorship 
  • Textbooks and Study Materials 
  •  UPSC Prelims Online Mock Test Series 
  •  UPSC Mains Mock Test Series 
  •  UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practise (AWP) 
  •  Interview Guidance  

And many more…… 

Secondly try and make a notes that is based on the coaching class you have joined. So we would strongly suggest the aspirants to note down the important points in their subject copies that are being discussed in class. Doing this not only increases you attention in the classes but also helps in learning as well as in revision and after that go through the class notes every day. 

Thirdly increase your time for Self-Study (Learn Coaching Notes, NCERT Textbooks and Standard Textbooks) 

Joining a coaching helps to lessen the hard work of the candidates and help them to prepare in a well focused manner. So self-study is really important for the success of the students. Before joining a Coaching know each and every details of them and try to find coachings also providing live classes and also know about their duration of classes. If a student studies for 8-hours each day then there are almost 6 hours left in the day. In this time we suggest the students to use for self-study but should solely focus on their studies. Students are suggested to go through (1) the Coaching Notes (2) NCERT Textbooks and (3) Standard Textbooks as part of their self-study. 

To remain up to date in studies, we would suggest aspirants to attend the classes of the coaching every day if possible and take Mock Exams based on the coaching Timetable.  

Forthly try to take Prelims Online Mock Exams 

The students need to practice the style of model exams for UPSC CSE Prelims to get used to the needs of UPSC.  

Fifth is try to take Mains Mock Exams to improve your answer writing skills. Join the coaching that conducts UPSC CSE Mains Answer Writing Practice (AWP) sessions where an expert training and the feedback on how one should write the answers to achieve high-scores and when the aspirants feels that he or she has learnt the way to write a properly structured answer then opt for Mains Mock Exams. 

In the Mains Mock Test Series, there are model exams that provides a demo of the actual UPSC CSE Mains along with the professional feedback. 


Sixth, Learn the Optional Subject 

With respect to the CSE Mains, UPSC allows the candidates to choose an optional subject from the list of about 50 subjects that are mentioned in the syllabus of UPSC. This optional subjects includes History, Geography, Political Science, Anthropology, Public Administration and many more. The aspirants has to study the optional subjects separately, they may either join a coaching for or prepare the subject by self studying  

Seventh and lastly try to participate in Interview Programs organised by the respective coaching and also attend classes for personality development in order to score better in the interview and to attend this UPSC Interview your bio data or the Detailed Application Form abbreviated as the DAF is also an important part of the entire process. So try to figure out the most commonly asked questions from the DAF and your Coaching Institute would help you to analyse with your DAF.  

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