How to Start Preparation For GATE Exam 2022?

How to Start Preparation For GATE Exam?

The exam that has half of the country’s students scratching their heads, the GATE exam is one of the most difficult competitive exams to clear, with the vast syllabus and its fierce competition the GATE exam is known for taking a heavy toll on the minds of the young aspirants of the country and will cause you a lot of stress, however, there is a way with which you can conquer the GATE exam. With this article we aim to guide the aspirants of the country to achieve the top results be known in what the GATE is what it requires and how even an average student can score top marks in the arduous exam, stick to the end and find out your perfect strategy to conquer the GATE exam and prevail. 

7 Steps Of Start Preparation For the GATE Exam 2022

Step 1 to Achieving Success in Gate Examination –

The key is to first understand what the GATE exam actually is, diving headfirst into the exam without knowing what the syllabus is or how the exam is conducted would be an academic suicide, you must first make yourself familiar with the arduous syllabus. The exam has a total of 27 papers, the pattern of the question paper includes MCQs and MCQs and NATs, the eligibility criteria for the GATE exam is relaxed but more on that later, a candidate can appear in one or two subjects appears, although the combination of two papers must be from the approved list. The real aim here is to get yourself acquainted with the exam syllabus and prepare for the vast syllabus and long night session of excessive learning. 

Step 2: Adapting and overcoming

Step 2 to achieving success in the GATE exam is to adapt to the new norms of learning, we all have learned to live with the current situation of the pandemic, with online learning and no physical classes, it is difficult to get the same competitive environment that we used to have in pre-COVID times, however, things have changed and so much we, adapt to the new norm of e-Learning and make full use of it, use the extra time that you have saved up by not travelling from your home to coaching institute by revising and appear for online mock tests, there are various websites online that conduct mock tests, mock interviews, sample papers, attend these various sessions and improve your overall performance, your brain will thank you for all the extra efforts and you will be able to overcome all your weaknesses, crack gate exam 2022

Step 3: Timings of Gate Examination

With timings we mean scheduling, time is of great importance and with the rising competition and students begin their GATE exam preparation early will give them an advantage, the overcome this you must first prepare a solid schedule a timetable that accounts for every hour in your day, by this, you will be able to save a lot of time and will also be able to stay on the right track and motivated. By following your timetable religiously you will be left with a lot of time in your hands at the end of the day and will be able to prepare for the next day in advance since the competition is rising. Wasting time is not an option and you must do everything that you can to fast track your progress. 

Step 4: Understanding the GATE Exam Pattern 

Now that you have understood the importance of scheduling and following a rigid timetable let us discuss the most important part of the GATE exam preparation, getting yourself acquainted with the exam pattern. The GATE exam is conducted online which means the exam is a computer-based competitive exam, you will be provided with a total of 3 hours of duration and there will be a total of 29 papers, there are two sections General Aptitude and Candidate Selected Subjects. Questions will be in MCQ, MSQ, and NET format and are designed to test the application, analysis, comprehension, recall, and synthesis abilities of a candidate, there will be a total of 65 questions which includes 10 questions from general aptitude, there will be negative marking for MCQs for every correct answer a student will be awarded 1 mark and for every wrong answer ⅓ marks will be deducted, there will be however zero negative marking for MCQs and NATs, Tips and Tricks for crack gate Exam

Step 5: Understanding How Important it is to blow off Some Steam

GATE aspirants are constantly under excessive stress due to the rising competition and the vast syllabus, all the stress hinders your ability to prepare for the exam properly and will steer you away from the ultimate goal of achieving the top scores, to help yourself keep calm and focused one can simply take some time off. Put a break on your preparation every now and then to lay off some steam, keeping your head calm and mind clear is the way to go, introduce some light exercising to your daily routine this will help you stay healthy and motivated throughout your preparation and a healthy mind will allow you to soak up knowledge in no time. Meditation has been known to help greatly, do regular meditation for 10-15 minutes daily this will help clear up your head and will help you improve your retention skills by keeping your mind calm. 

Step 6: More Study Material = Better Preparation

With more study material you can improve your academics, appear for as many online mock tests, weekly test series, online sample papers, MCQ tests, previous year question papers as you can, these will help you improve your academics and will strengthen your knowledge and skills such as answer accuracy and answer writing. With better preparation for the exam and being used to the tense environment by appearing for multiple mock exams, you will be able to handle the real exam with great ease and with zero stress at all, Best Book For Gate Exam 2022

Step 7: Revision

One of the most crucial parts of every GATE aspirants’ preparation process is revision, revise the whole syllabus at least twice this will ensure that all your concepts and topics are and you do not have any sort of doubt about any concept, with clear concepts you will be able to form your answers more accurately and will be able to write them with more accuracy, revision helps in improve the retention skill which can ultimately help in bringing back some of the most crucial information about a concept or topic during the actual exam, do not skip revision and prepare for your competitive exam to conquer it, Some Tips to Prepare For the GATE Examination.


These are some of the ways through which you can begin your GATE exam preparation, there are several ways through which you can crack the GATE exam and you can also prepare your own approach for the arduous exam, with this article we aim to provide the young minds of the country with an outline of how they should begin their GATE journey and how they can achieve the best result in the GATE exam. Remember the GATE exam is one of the most arduous and the most desired exams so expect great competition from your fellow candidates and prepare to win. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should I go to a GATE coaching institute?

Ans. Yes, coaching institutes are greatly helpful and can provide you with great features and facilities that will help you prepare for the arduous exam with great ease, a coaching institute plays several roles out of which ensuring students are provided with flagship education is one of the most crucial one, join a coaching institute and begin your GATE exam journey. There are several features and facilities that a coaching institute provides to its students such as comprehensive study material, mock tests, weekly test series, doubt clearing sessions, small batch sizes, mentorship programs, etc. 

Q2. How do meditation and exercise help me improve my preparation?

Ans. Meditation and exercising can help you calm your mind and get you into a great headspace. With a serene approach for the exam and a mind that is ready to soak up knowledge, you can improve your academics and take it to the next level. Meditation and exercising are only two methods of getting your headspace right, there are several other ways that you can explore to help you stay calm. 

Q3. How can previous year’s question papers help me improve my GATE exam preparation?

Ans. Previous year question papers are extremely helpful, they provide an outline of what the real exam might be like and provides students with a real exam like environment, with the ability to improve the academics of students the previous year’s question papers are of great importance and help students in improving their performance and taking their academics to the next level. Solve as many previous year question papers as you can and set up a timer of 3 hours. This will help you mimic the real exam-like scenario and will help you improve your answer accuracy and answer writing skills. 

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