How to Shape Your Dream Career With Indian Civil Service Examination

Fulfill your IAS dream

We all have a friend at some point in our life who aspires to join the civil service forces, mindful of the fact that the civil service exam is one of the most difficult exams to conquer and yet there still are students spread all across the country who aspire to become civil service servants. With acknowledging the fact that students all around the country are understanding the importance of the IAS exam and are improving themselves and their skills to prepare for the IAS exam, we have prepared this article to shine some light on the IAS exam and on the challenges that it brings with it, with this article we aim to help the young minds of the country to prepare for their competitive exam and learn some tips and tricks that will help them devise a plan that will improve their overall performance and will help with their overall development, stick to the end to find out how IAS exam can change your life and help you pave way for a fantastic career in civil service departments of the country. Working for the government brings you great pride and also comes with great opportunities, one who is highly dedicated to helping the nation grow and take great pride in serving the nation is the most suited to appear for the IAS exam, take the exam with great seriousness and prepare for it by dedicating most of your time towards the exam preparation, to fulfill your IAS dream you must be prepared to face all the challenges that the IAS exam throws at you, be prepared to tackle all the stress that the IAS exam brings with it and be prepared for endless nights of preparation and studying. The IAS exam demands great focus and determination from all of its candidates and tests the limits of all of its candidates, with students from all around the country applying for the exam and the rising number of applicants, the IAS exam surely attracts thousands of students each year but the question that needs to be answered is how can you achieve your IAS dream?

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Understand how the IAS exam is conducted?

The IAS exam is one of the most arduous exams, knowing the fact that thousands of students each year fail to clear the IAS exam yet there are students who come from every corner of the country and apply for the competitive exam with the hopes of clearing it with great marks and achieving the top spot in the exam, however without the proper understanding of the IAS exam how do you expect to achieve greatness in the exam? Well, we are here to help you with that and provide you with all the necessary information that will help you devise a proper plan to achieve great success in the IAS exam. Let us begin by first understanding how the IAS exam is conducted-

Prelims: This is the first phase of the IAS exam, the preliminary exam is where it all begins, the first stage of the exam consists of two papers and is a qualifying exam, candidates who clear phase 1 of the IAS exam which is the prelims exam are then allowed to appear for the Mains exam which is the second phase of the IAS exam. The prelims exam consists of two papers General Studies and CSAT both of which are qualifying in nature and consist of MCQ-type questions. 

Mains: The second phase of the IAS exam is known as the Mains exam, the mains exam consists of a total of 9 papers out of which 2 are qualifying, the mains exam is one of the most difficult written exams that the IAS exam has and this is where most of the aspirants fail, the second phase of the IAS exam the Mains exam consists of 9 papers and for a candidate to be eligible for the last phase the third phase of the IAS exam he/she must clear the mains exam with great scores. 

Interview: After clearing the second stage of the IAS exam the mains exam the eligible candidates are then summoned to the capital of the country Delhi, the capital of the country is the city where the office premise of UPSC is situated, candidates who cleared the second stage of the IAS exam are summoned here and are asked several questions in front of a board of competent officers, the board consists of officers who have great experience in the civil service departments of the country and judge the candidates based on their answers, candidates are asked questions about their general knowledge current affairs, and hypothetical questions that require the candidates to use their quick thinking skills and their decision-making skills, candidates are judged on the basis of their responses and the results of their performance are then realized after a couple of weeks. 

Learning how the IAS exam is conducted will help you to prepare a plan that will assist you throughout your journey, with a proper plan you will be able to prepare a schedule that helps you to achieve the best scores in the competitive exam and emerge as a winner. With this article and with this explanation of the IAS exam we hope that you will be able to set an approach for the IAS exam and this will help you to achieve the success that you desire. 

Various departments of the Indian Civil Service 

The UPSC exam is responsible for conducting civil service exam in the country the purpose and the sole intention of these exams is to recruit the best individuals for the country who are dedicated and are proud to serve the nation and are dedicated towards its success, with that said each year thousands of students from all across the country apply for the UPSC exam in the hopes of cracking however each year thousands of asprinst fail in clearing the UPSC exam and go back to the board and device another plan to conquer the exam next year, there are candidates who have dedicated their life to UPSC and each year try a different approach to clear the UPSC exam, with that said after clearing the exam there is no deciding which department you will get, candidates who clear the UPSC exam are judged on the basis of their knowledge their performance and their responses in the interview stage, after judging their skills and taking into consideration all their skills a candidate is then assigned to a special force, it could be IAS, IPS, IFS, there is no deciding which depart will a civil servant will get. Let us discuss the various departments of the government. 

IAS (Indian Administrative Service)

The most highly desired department, most of the aspirants who prepare for the UPSC exam aim to become IAS officers, the responsibilities of an IAS officer are great and they are often known as the assets of the nation, an IAS officer has to have great decision-making skills, and should be an excellent executor, with the high respect comes the high-level decisions that are needed to be made in a fraction of a second, an IAS officer can negotiate agreements on behalf of the state and is liable for the activity to rule order, managing disasters, etc. 

IPS (Indian Police Department)

Another highly desirable job, the position of the police superintendent is a responsible one, and IPS officers are responsible for the safety and security of the public, order, legislation, criminal detention, etc. an IPS officer is also responsible for serving the national security agencies such as CBI, CRPF, BSF, etc. 

IFS (Indian Foreign Service)

An IFS officer is responsible for dealing with foreign affairs that include diplomacy, commercial, and cultural relations, an IFS officer works to form and enforce external strategy and the highest achievable rank for an IFS officer is an ambassador. 

Knowing all the different departments for which one can get recruited and the various departments that the civil service exam is held for really help you to understand the opportunities that the UPSC exam provides the aspirants of the country. One can aspire to become an IAS officer, IPS officer, IFS officer but it is your performance in the interview and in the overall UPSC exam that decides which department will be best suited to you, a candidate has zero control over the department for which he/she gets recruited it all boils down to their eligibility and their performance, we hope that this article has been informative and has helped you to learn more about the civil service exam, prepare for your government competitive exam with the help of the article and prepare the perfect plan to achieve the best results in the UPSC exam, stay focused throughout your civil service exam preparation and choose the best IAS coaching institute in the country, always ensure that the institute that you wish to choose has great previous year results and has been in the country for quite some time, choose the best institute and achieve great success in your UPSC exam. 

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