How to Kick-start IAS Preparation at Home for Upcoming CSE exam

Conducted by the UPSC the CSE eczema will have you scratching your head and will take a heavy toll on your mind, worry not though we have the perfect solution to steer clear from all the stress and stay focused on the ultimate goal of achieving the top result in the IAS exam. Take advantage of the current pandemic situation and study for the IAS exam from your home. We understand that learning at home won’t give you the necessary educational environment. However, we have a strike up our sleeves that will get you hooked and will help you prepare for the exam right from the comfort of your home. The trick is to make use of all the time and all the facilities that you have right at your home, from a separate study room to utilizing your gadgets to your advantage in this article you will learn how to revolutionize your learning abilities at your home and how you can ace the IAS exam without ever needing to step out of from your house. 

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Playing your cards right will help you reach the top without ever needing to step out from your house, with this article we will help you get your academics right and will help you to prepare for the IAS exam with great ease, stick to the end, and read through the entire article thoroughly to ensure that you don’t miss a single step, prepare to conquer the CSE exam with us. 

Step 1 – Isolation

With this step we begin the journey of helping you achieve the top spot in the CSE exam, begin your preparation by preparing a room that is isolated from all the noisy wine in your house, get yourself a nice quiet room where you will not be disturbed by anything, this room will be your studying room and should not have anything that will distract you from your goal your study room must be cluster-free and should the most organized palace in the house. 

Step 2 – What is the CSE exam? What is the CSE syllabus?

Step 2 is to understand what the CSE exam really is and what is its syllabus, with a firm understanding of both you will be able to plan your perfect approach for the exam, understand that the CSE exam is one of the most prestigious exams in the country and witnesses great competition each year, so your understanding of the CSE exam syllabus has to be on point as well, the exam is conducted in three phases, preliminary, mains, and interview, all three stages are mandatory to pass, the prelims exam is a qualifying exam with 2 papers, the mains exam consists 9 papers out of which 2 are qualifying and the last phase of the CSE exam is the interview. 

Step 3 – A flagship coaching institute

Step 3 of preparing for the CSE exam at your home is to get yourself enrolled in a coaching institute that provides you with the facility of e-learning, with the current situation of the pandemic, choosing to attend a coaching institute physically is not the best decision, several institutes in the country have decided to provide students with online portals and online education, choose a coaching institute that provides its students with e-learning features and conducts their classes online, this will help you stay away from the virus and will help you stay on the right track of your exam preparation. 

Step 4 – A habit to stick to 

Get yourself habitual to reading the newspaper regularly, newspapers are a great source of getting all the informant and getting yourself up to date with everything that is happening around the country and around the world, candidates are asked about current affairs during their interview process which is the third phase of the exam and reading newspaper will actually help you improve your current affairs knowledge. There are many flagship institutes that provide students with daily current affairs PDFs to help them stay up to date with all the affairs around the country. 

Step 5 – Planning, execution, achieving 

Plan a schedule or a timetable and follow it religiously, we can not stress this enough, plan a proper strategy for your exam preparation and follow it, due to the current situation of the pandemic and the lack of a proper schedule that is specially prepared by teaching faculty members, you have to prepare your own timetable and have to follow it with great focus, prepare a schedule that accounts for every hour of your day since you are staying at home you will have much more time to relax and a lot more time to study, make use of this opportunity and prepare for the CSE exam by properly managing your time, this will help you to stay calm and prepare for the exam with great ease. Execute your daily goals with great consistency, prepare small achievable goals every day. These will help you get a sense of accomplishment and will also help you to stay motivated throughout the entire preparation process. With small achievable goals, you will be able to stay motivated and will always be eager to move to the next goal. 

Step 6 – Study Material ⛌ – Smart Study Material ✔

Get yourself smart study material, what this means is instead of hoarding all sorts of books and making a mess of your study room, keep only the books that are extremely useful and important in front and keep the rest stashed in some other place, with smart study material you will be able to prepare for the exam with a lot less stress and will be able to focus more on learning new topics and concepts. Smart study material will help you focus on the topics that are more important and will get you the right informant in a more concise manner and in an easy to understand manner, create a mini library in your study room and put only the books that are the most useful and explains topics and concepts in a comprehensive manner. 

Step 7 – Mock exam, mock interview

With coaching institutes shifting to online learning there are several institutes that put up their specialized mock tests online to help the aspirants of the nation prepare for the arduous exam, download these mock tests and solve them, there are several institutes that also conduct online mock tests apply for those and test your skills these will help you to understand where do you stand academically and what are all the changes that you should make to improve your skills and academics. There are several institutes that conduct online mock interviews, these are extremely crucial as these help you prepare for the most difficult phase of the CSE exam which is the interview, the online interviews are conducted by teachers who themselves have cleared the CSE exam and are in the education industry helping and guiding the future of the country, appear for online interviews and improve your skills. 

Step 8 – Learn when to take a break 

Sitting in a room on a chair for long hours will kill your break, learn to take breaks, learn when to stop and rest, taking off from studies is as important as getting yourself up to go in the same room every day, the key is consistency. Take short breaks, exercise more, eat healthier, all of these together will help you to maintain the perfect balance between books and rest, introduce meditation to your daily routine, with meditation you can unlock great achievements and unlock the true potential of your brain, meditation has been proven to help improve retention skills and help calm the mind, all that long hours of learning session will get your brain worked up meditation will help you to stay leveled and motivated all throughout the day. 

Step 9 life-altering changes that will help you win at the CSE exam

Make drastic changes to your everyday living, introduce drastic changes by eliminating and detaching yourself from various distractions, focus on a goal and strive to achieve it, make progress daily be it small or big, all of these changes will help you throughout your life and will help you ace any exam in your life, the CSE is another competitive exam in the county however for candidates who have dedicated their lives to it the CSE exam is everything, the rising competition is no help either, make decisions that improve your academics and help you throughout your life. 


With these 9 steps, we aim to help you take your education and turn it to 11, choose a coaching institute that provides its students with top-notch features, take decisions that will help you steer your academics in the right direction, studying from home has more pros than cons if you put your mind to it, and with the introduction of online learning flagship education has reached all homes in the country, choose the best flagship CSE coaching institute available in your country and make sure that it provides its student with the best online features and facilities, make use of all the time that you save by not traveling and staying at home and utilize it to improve your skills. 

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