Gate Syllabus And Exam Pattern 2022 For All Subjects

The Subject of The GATE Entrance Examination

In this article, you will get complete information about the subjects of the GATE examination. Have you ever thought about the subject of the GATE entrance examination? You should see the list provided in this article regarding the subjects of the GATE examination. Most of the candidates are always concerned with a question in their mind: what subjects are what papers do I have to select for the GATE examination? The GATE entrance examination is conducted for 29 disciplines starting in 2022. There are two new papers that include geomatics engineering and naval architecture and Marine Engineering. These examinations were introduced taking the total number of GATE papers to 29 in the year 2022. The humanities and social science and environmental science and engineering made 27 subjects for the GATE examination and now the candidates can opt for one or two papers out of the 29 papers. all subjects that are available for the GATE entrance examination for the convenience of the candidate we have provided the list of GATE subjects below in this article.

What is GATE?

The graduate aptitude test in engineering is one of the most reputed examinations that is conducted in India that open a lot of opportunities for the students who want to grow their career in the engineering field there are a total of 29 disciplines are subjects in the GATE entrance examination as of 2022 and the candidates can choose the desired subject depending on the interest. It is an all India test that is authorized and managed in eight regions across the nation to get examinations conducted by the gate committee faculty members of the Indian Institute of sciences and 7 other Indian Institute of technology on behalf of the ministry of human resource development department of Education and national coordinating board. The purpose of conducting the GATE entrance examination is to test or analyze the knowledge of the candidates in subjects like science and engineering. The scorecard of the GATE entrance examination is also used by different public sector undertakings to recruit applicants for distinguished jobs at Hindustan petroleum, Indian oil, and others.

List of Gate subjects 

In this table, you will get to know about the list of 29 subjects that are papers of the GATE examination that form the major section of the graduate aptitude test in engineering. We have also mentioned the paper quotes for your ease.

Subject Codes

  1. AE:-  Aerospace Engineering
  2. AG:-  Agricultural Engineering
  3. AR:-  Architecture and Planning
  4. BM:-  Biomedical Engineering
  5. BT:-  Biotechnology
  6. CE:-  Civil Engineering
  7. MT:-  Metallurgical Engineering
  8. PE:-  Petroleum Engineering
  9. PH:-  Physics
  10. PI:-  Production and Industrial Engineering
  11. ST:-  Statistics
  12. TF:-  Textile Engineering and Fiber Science
  13. XE*:-  Engineering Sciences
  14. XL*:-  Life Sciences
  15. XH*:-  Humanities and Social Sciences
  16. GE:-  Geomatics Engineering
  17. NM:-  Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  18. CH:-  Chemical Engineering
  19. CS:-  Computer Science and Information Technology
  20. CY:-  Chemistry
  21. EC:-  Electronics and Communication Engineering
  22. EE:-  Electrical Engineering
  23. EY:-  Ecology and Evolution
  24. ES:-  Environmental Science and Engineering
  25. GG:-  Geology and Geophysics
  26. IN:-  Instrumentation Engineering
  27. MA:-  Mathematics
  28. ME:-  Mechanical Engineering
  29. MN:-  Mining Engineering

The engineering sciences humanities and life sciences and social sciences and the general subjects and in this article later you will get a list compiled of the papers under the general subject along with their paper codes.

GATE Exam Subjects XH, XL, AND XE with paper codes

XE Paper Sections CODES
Engineering Mathematics

(Compulsory) (15 Marks)

Any Two Optional Sections (2 x 35=70 marks)
Fluids Mechanics B
Materials Science C
Solid Mechanics D
Thermodynamics E
Polymer Science and Engineering F
Food Technology G
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences H

XH Paper Sections CODE
Reasoning and Comprehension

(Compulsory) (25 Marks)

Any One Optional Section (60 Marks)
Economics C1
English C2
Linguistics C3
Philosophy C4
Psychology C5
Sociology C6

XL Paper Sections CODE

(Compulsory) (25 Marks)

Any Two Optional Sections (2 x 30=60 Marks)
Biochemistry Q
Botany R
Microbiology S
Zoology T
Food Technology U

If you are opting for the two subject papers, then you must have a primary choice of paper which is the default paper for the subject that you have chosen and the second choice of paper should be selected from the allowed combinations that are mentioned on the GATE website.

List of the Combination of Two Papers that are Allowed For the GATE Examination

Primary Paper Papers Allowed as Secondary Paper
Aerospace Engineering Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Engineering Sciences
Agricultural Engineering Environmental Science and Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Engineering Sciences, Life Sciences
Architecture and Planning Civil Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology, Life Sciences  Electronics, and Communication Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering
Biotechnology Biomedical Engineering, Life Sciences
Civil Engineering Aerospace Engineering, Architecture and Planning, Environmental Science and Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Naval Architecture, and Marine Engineering
Chemical Engineering Petroleum Engineering, Engineering Sciences
Computer Science and Information Technology Electronics and Communication Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Math, Statistics
Chemistry Life Sciences
Electronics and Communication Engineering Instrumentation Engineering, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Geomatics Engineering
Electrical Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering Agricultural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geomatics Engineering
Ecology and Evolution Life Sciences
Geomatics Engineering Civil Engineering, Geology, and Geophysics, Environmental Science and Engineering, Mining Engineering
Geology and Geophysics Geomatics Engineering, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Physics
Instrumentation Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics
Math Computer Science and Information Technology, Geomatics Engineering, Physics,  Statistics
Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Naval Architecture, and Marine Engineering, Production and Industrial Engineering, Engineering Sciences
Mining Engineering Geomatics Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, Engineering Sciences
Metallurgical Engineering Physics, Engineering Sciences
Petroleum Engineering Chemical Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, Engineering Sciences
Physics Electronics and Communications Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, Instrumentation Engineering, Mathematics, Metallurgical Engineering, Statistics, Engineering Sciences
Production and Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Engineering Sciences
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Sciences
Statistics Mathematics, Physics
Textile Engineering and Fiber Science Engineering Sciences
Engineering Science Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering,  Petroleum Engineering, Production and Industrial Engineering, Textile Engineering and Fiber Science, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Humanities and Social Science Statistics
Life Sciences Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Ecology and Evolution

Frequently Asked Questions:- 

How many Gate 2022 exam papers a candidate can apply?

Answer:- a candidate can apply for one or two of the 29 papers that are present in the list of the gate information brochure or the GATE website. the choice of the appropriate paper is as per the responsibility of the student or the candidate who is going to appear for the examination below we have suggested you some of the points that you should keep in mind

  • The candidate is expected to select an appropriate paper for the discipline of their qualifying degree. 
  • The candidate is also free to choose any other paper from the approved combination according to their admission plan and the candidate should also keep in mind. the eligibility criteria for the institution in which they want to take the admission.

After submitting the application, does the candidate have the liberty to change the GATE examination paper?

Answer:- Yes, it is possible a request for the change of GATE examination paper or discipline will be entertained against a stipulated payment. The specific time period for the change of the GATE examination paper will be notified on the website of gate 2022 after submitting the application.

Can a candidate change the category? 

Answer:- Yes it is possible to change the category by filing a request and it will be entertained on a specific date that is mentioned on the official website any request after the prescribed date will not be considered or entertained.

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