Daily Current Affairs For UPSC or IAS Examination

To begin with, the IAS examination has a long way to prepare with a lot of Syllabus and a candidate needs good preparation to get success in this examination. Along with the syllabus, a candidate has to also take care of the current affairs because of which in this article we have added the details of the daily current affairs for the UPSC or IAS examination. In this article, you will find out all the required information for current affairs and you will get to know different current affairs websites that you should definitely check.

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Daily Current Affairs 

Being an IAS aspirant you are already aware of the current affairs part of the UPSC civil service examination so you should give equal importance to the current affairs as it is a dynamic subject. reading the newspaper Daily becomes an essential and important part of making your current affairs section strong for the examination. So in this article, we have concentrated on the daily current affairs for the UPSC civil service examination and you will also find some best websites for the preparation of the current affairs part in the UPSC civil service examination.

UPSC Examination 

Let us first talk about the UPSC civil service examination as we have mentioned a lot of times in our articles the UPSC examination is a challenging exam with a lot of syllabus. to get good scores in this examination a candidate needs to cover all the topics of the syllabus there are three primary stages that a candidate has to clear to get success in the examination that is the preliminary examination, the Mains examination, and the interview session. All the candidates who are going to appear for UPSC civil service examination have to clear all the stages to go to the next stage. In the preliminary examination, there are two papers and they are the objective type and in the Mains examination the candidate has to attempt 9 papers and all the papers are of descriptive type. If you want to know more about the UPSC examination then you can visit the official site.

Why are Current Affairs Important? 

Current affairs play a significant role in the UPSC civil service examination. A candidate who is going to appear for the IAS examination can never skip studying current affairs. As it is a civil service examination a candidate must know that what is happening in the nation as a Civil Servant’s current affairs become more essential for a candidate. News is the only source to know about nation-related issues and other things are the news and current affairs. Therefore in an IAS examination, there is equal importance for current affairs as we can say 15 to 20 questions are asked directly from the current affairs part in the preliminary examination. Around 60 to 70% of the questions asked in UPSC preliminary examinations are related to current events.

How to prepare for Daily Current Affairs? 

Now, most of the questions that you have regarding the current affairs part of the UPSC civil service examination will be solved in this article so keep reading the article. 

  • A candidate should understand the background knowledge, suggestion, opinion, current status, and other information.
  • The candidate should focus on the issues and on the news that is important for the examination. You have to understand that the headline and the news are equally important for the UPSC examination. 
  • The candidate should prepare different notes. The notes will help the candidate during the examination as there are a lot of things to study, making points will be easier.
  • The candidate should not try to mug up things instead they should understand and remember the concepts for the current affairs section.
  • The candidate should understand the issues and analyze them. The candidate needs to memorize the dates and the specific names that are related to the current affair topic. Quality is important, not quantity.
  • The candidate should follow this as there are many sources available for current affairs but you need to understand that from where you can add some meaning and value to your studies.
  • The candidate should have an answer writing practice session so if you just study you will not be able to understand how to write in the examinations. the candidate should try writing the answers.
  • revision is the only thing that can help you at the time of the examination and the candidate should never miss this division. It will help you remember that well so the candidate should give some time to revise the things on a regular basis.

UPSC Examination Tips 

  • A candidate must be aware of the complete exam syllabus and pattern of the examination. This is the first thing a candidate should do and your half work is almost done then you can prepare according to the time. 
  • A candidate should go through the previous year’s question papers for more details of the exam pattern and the syllabus of the examination. By reading the previous year’s question paper the candidate will understand the question pattern marks, distribution of trending topics, and other important information.
  • a candidate should solve at least 10 to 12 question papers. The candidate should make a proper timetable and provide equal time for every subject including the revision and the current affairs. Most of the aspirants ignore this and they fail to cover the complete syllabus of the examination.
  • a candidate should make proper use of time so we can prepare an effective timetable and follow that you should regularly solve mock test series and it will give you the feel of the final year paper mock test will also help the candidates to understand their skills and the areas where they have to improve themselves.
  • If you miss solving the mock test series you will face difficulty in the examination. As we have mentioned, a candidate should try solving different question papers and solve them within the mentioned time so that you can understand that time is important. 
  • The most important thing that you should remember in an examination like IAS is that you have to revise the butter you have studied as revision keeps you remembering things and it will help you at the time of the examination.
  • Lastly, a candidate should be mentally and physically strong so that they can write exact and correct answers in the examination according to the question. Many times the candidates forget to take care of them during the examination but you should definitely look after yourself and have proper food and sleep.

Daily Current Affairs Website 

After understanding all the information that we have provided in this article now you can check out the below-given website for a good knowledge of current affairs.

  • jagranjosh.com/current-affairs
  • India today.in/education-today/gk-and-current-affairs
  • believersias.com/blog
  • legacyias.com
  • vignanias.com
  • currentaffairs.adda247.com
  • Exam daily.in/current-affairs

Other Sources for Daily Current Affairs 

  • Press information bureau 

This can help you in concentrating on the selective articles on important personalities and their contribution policies and programs. 

  •  The Indian express 

This can provide you with the articles on international relations recommended by Indian forest service officers.

The Hindu 

The political and social-economic issues related to policies at the national and international level, economic development and economic policies, and various other topics.

Institute for defense studies and analysis 

India’s national security, national relations, international relations, defense relations, and other approaches that the Government has made for National and international diplomacy.

Lok Sabha 

political and social-economic discourses.

Practice questions for daily current affairs 

Below we are providing you with a few questions on daily current affairs that will give you a brief idea.

From which state has India’s first high-speed electric locomotive been flagged off?

  1. Assam 
  2. Arunachal Pradesh 
  3. Bihar 
  4. Jharkhand 

The answer is option 3 Bihar 

Which country is the most vulnerable country to cyber threats?

  1. India 
  2. United States of America 
  3. China 
  4. Saudi Arabia 

The answer is option 2 United States of America

the 2018 women’s singles Miami Open tennis tournament was won by?

  1. Venus Williams 
  2. Johana Konta 
  3. Serena Williams 
  4. Sloane Stephens 

The answer is option 4 Sloane Stephens

In conclusion, Daily Current Affairs 

In this article, you will find complete information about the current affairs of UPSC and IAS examination websites. It is important for the highest candidates to study the current affairs and to know what is happening in their surrounding nation and in the international countries. We have provided you with all the important sources for the examination and along with some of the tips and an idea about the type of questions that are asked in the examination, it is not possible for the candidate to study everything from the basics so you should know that you have to study according to the requirements. The IAS examination requires special efforts and dedicated hard work so a candidate must work to prepare well for the examination. Now you have understood the importance of the daily current affairs websites for the UPSC civil service examination. All the sources that we have mentioned above in this article will help you in making yourself informative. It is possible with the right direction and proper plan to crack UPSC civil service examination. If you really want to achieve success in this examination, keep on studying and use the tips that we have mentioned above in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions:- 

How many days are UPSC current affairs? 

ANSWER:- At least the last two years of current affairs should be covered before the preliminary and Mains examination of UPSC civil service examination.

Which is the best for daily current affairs? 

ANSWER:- there are a lot of sources available for the preparation of current affairs with respect to the newspaper. The Indian Express and the Hindu are the most recommended. 

Is self-study enough for the IAS examination?

ANSWER:- It depends from person to person if you are confident enough with your skills and you can cover the complete syllabus by doing self-study then you should definitely go for the self-study option.

Which is the best site for current affairs? 

ANSWER:- There are a lot of websites that are available for current affairs. In the above-given article, we have mentioned some of the important websites and sources that you can use for the preparation of UPSC’s current affairs.

Is it necessary to join the coaching classes for the preparation for the UPSC civil service examination?

ANSWER:- No it is definitely not necessary to join a coaching institute for the preparation of the UPSC civil service examination. A lot of candidates study on their own.

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