Strategy To Prepare General Studies For UPSC Preliminary Exam

Strategy For General Studies Preliminary Examination

Before appearing for UPSC civil service examination the candidate must know that the general studies paper, that is paper 1. Paper 1is the deciding factor for the qualification of the preliminary examination. The most important tip that is given for the examination hall is that one should read all the questions very carefully and thoroughly before selecting the correct answer to write if any question cannot be answered immediately. The candidate should move to another question after going through the whole question paper. The candidate must get back to the unanswered questions and think wisely about the answers to these questions in the UPSC civil service examination. The main role is played by the time the candidate must know how to manage the time while writing the answer since there is only one minute to answer a question. Speed and accuracy is the key to handling this examination. The speed of the car can be enhanced by taking different mock tests.

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Syllabus of General Studies Paper 1

  • Current events of national and international importance.
  • Economic and social development that includes sustainable development including social sector initiatives, poverty demographics, and many more.
  • General issues on biodiversity, environmental ecology, and climate change.
  • General studies
  • History of India and Indian National Movement
  • Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World
  • Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, and many more.

Strategies For the General Studies Paper

There are some of the basic steps that are provided to the candidates for the preparation of a study paper. The candidate should have an in-depth understanding of every subject and the syllabus. Better knowledge of the candidates will help them in preparing for the preliminary examination in a much better way. Since the syllabus of the preliminary examination does not give more detail about the topics that need to be studied under its subject it is important for the candidate to get the knowledge of this thing and should do proper research regarding the syllabus and important topics. Most of the questions that are asked in the preliminary examination are from current affairs. The candidate should prepare for the current affairs for at least 12 to 15 months before the date of the examination.

How to Tackle a General Studies Paper?

Total hundred questions that are asked in the general studies paper that need to be answered in 2 hours, every question carries two marks. whereas for every correct answer, the candidate gets 2 marks and for a wrong and the candidate gets a loss of 0.66 marks.

The questions that are asked in the general studies paper are grouped into three categories:- 

  • Multiple-choice questions that are single response correct.
  • Multiple-choice questions that are multiple responses correct.
  • Multiple-choice questions that are matching types.

How to Score Good Marks in the Preliminary Examination?

The candidate should know about the syllabus and the number of questions asked from different sections. There is no fixed rule for the number of questions that will be asked in different sections. The nature of the questions that are asked in the general studies examination is generally on the basic principles of factual information. the application of the principles and the current affairs it is important for the candidates to have a piece of good knowledge about the principles, their applications, the information, and the current affairs. The answer to the question of the general studies paper are more of the analytical bend for the mind so reading the NCERT books is insufficient and in-depth knowledge of every subject and topic is required to handle this examination the best way to get good knowledge and guidance for the preliminary examination is the approach for the preparation of combining preliminary and the mains study together. one should make equal efforts to understand the concepts as well as the principles and then to find out the application of these principles in different fields.

There has been an addition in the syllabus since 2011 dentist environmental ecology climate change and biodiversity so equal attention should be given to this area along with the general science. By considering the nature of the examination, the strategy of the preliminary examination should focus on the greater rather than the intensive reading. it has been expected that everyone should know everything so only the basics are not sufficient for cracking this examination. one needs to be mastered knowing about the applications and other factual things about every single topic.


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