Best IIT JEE Coaching Centers In Pune

Best Coaching Institutes For JEE Mains Examinations

The Best coaching institutes for JEE mains examinations are the ones that deliver excellent quality of education and turn out the best possible outcome from the aspirants preparing for engineering competitive level examinations. There are many coaching institutes in Pune which are delivering educational services for the preparation of engineering and medical entrance examinations but some of them are quite good at their profession and serve the needful to the students and acquired a reputation of being a good guide during the preparation for such respective examination.

The top coaching institutes in Pune for JEE mains preparation have designed their unique strategies to deliver all the necessary requirements for the preparation of competitive level examinations and ensure a smooth flow of education among the candidates of the institutes. It is a platform where students grow their academic capabilities as well as enhance their overall personality to increase the chance of qualifying for the examination and seeking admission to one of the reputed engineering colleges of our country.

JEE Mains is not at all easy to crack whereas many of them succeed apparently but it is advised to accept the reality and move ahead with the experience. The dream is to secure a position in IIT so the path that would lead towards it will not be easy at all. The decision of repeating a year in JEE preparation where you have already prepared your base rather than changing the perspective for your Career. 

The constant motivation and efficient work can result in cracking the IIT-JEE Examination with all the possibilities. Here we provide you with certain points to remember while setting a target for qualifying for the Examination.

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Relevant Points About JEE Mains Examination

The important aspect of JEE mains examinations are mentioned below:

  • It is an Online Entrance Examination.
  • It consists of two parts of papers which are mentioned below:
    • Paper 1: B.E/ BTech courses consisting of subjects such as:

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.

  • Paper 2 A: BArch and consisting of subjects such as Mathematics, Aptitude Drawing, and planning.
  • Paper 2B: planning consisting of Mathematics, Aptitude Test, Planning-based questions.
  • Students can opt for any or both papers.

Eligibility Criteria for JEE mains Examination 2022

The following are the eligibility particulars related to JEE mains 2022 examination:

  1. Basic qualification 
  • The candidates are required to pass their class 12 or qualifying examination in 2020 or 2021.
  •  The candidates appearing in class 12 or equivalent qualifying examination 2022 can also apply for JEE mains 2021.
  • Required number of attempts
  • Students are allowed to appear for JEE Mains examination for consecutive 3 years.
  • JEE mains 2021 will be conducted four times a year in the months of February, March, April, and May.
  • Number and combination of subjects
  • There are 5 total subjects out of which 3 compulsory and 2 elective subjects are in the qualifying examination of JEE Mains. 
  • Each paper has the same combination of elective and compulsory subjects required to be passed to qualify for the examinations.

Note: There has been a waiver of 75%  minimum aggregate marks criteria for admission on the basis of JEE mains 2022.

Important Facts About JEE Mains Examination 2022

Following are the important facts related to JEE mains 2021 examinations:

  • There are a total of 3 subjects in the examination paper such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • They would be Multiple Choice Questions as well as Numerical Value Questions in the Examination Paper.
  • The duration of the examination is 3 hours and 60 minutes will be allocated to each section of the question paper.
  • There will be a total of 60 MCQs with 20 questions each for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in Section A of the question paper.
  • Infection bi candidates are required to attempt any 5 questions out of 10 in each section.
  • There is no negative marking for Section B questions.
  • There are a total of 90 questions in the examination paper consisting of both sections with maximum marks of 300.
  • The question papers are printed in 14 languages including Hindi, English Urdu, etc. 

Marking scheme for JEE Mains 2022

Following are the stated marking scheme for JEE Mains examination 2022:

  • 4 marks would be awarded for each correct answer in Paper 1 and Paper 2 in JEE Mains examination 2022.
  • One mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer.
  • Paper 1 consists of 100 marks for each section.
  • There would be no negative marking for unattempted questions.
  • The details for marks allotted  in Paper 2A to each section are given below:
    • Mathematics – 25 questions of 4 marks each =100 Marks.
    • Aptitude test -50 questions for 4 marks each =200 Marks.
    • Drawing test – 2 questions for 50 marks each =100 Marks.

Payment mode for JEE Mains 2022

The students are provided an opportunity to pay the application fees online only by way of Credit cards/ Debit cards/ Net banking/ Paytm/ UPI.

Top 10 Coaching Institutes For IIT JEE Mains Examination in Pune

There are many coaching institutes in Pune which provide coaching facilities for engineering experience and help them to seek admission and one of the renowned colleges of Engineering in our country. We provide you with details about some of the best coaching institutes in Pune for JEE mains preparation due to its better quality of education and constant support.

Rank 1: Aakash Educational Institute

Aakash Educational Institute is one of the most popular coaching institutes in Pune which has been directing students in the preparation of different competitive Level Examination with extensive facilities of numerous batches and related integrated programs designed by giving consideration to convenience and affordability of students. They have been providing excellent quality of education to the students since 1988 and enabling them to acquire the best possible outcome from the preparation of JEE mains and other relevant Engineering entrance examinations. This coaching institute has been guided by a team of well-educated and professional teachers.

Courses Offered

There is a wide variety of courses provided by Aakash Educational Institute are as follows:

  • Integrated courses for NEET, AIIMS, and other Medical Entrance Examinations.
  • Integrated courses for JEE MAINS, AIEEE, and other Engineering Level Entrance Examinations.
  • Civil ServicesExamination Preparation.
  • Post-graduation Examination Preparation.
  • Secondary Education for Classes XI and XII of ICSE and CBSE Board.


The following specifications help them to establish a brand name in the field of education:

  • Classroom lectures are conducted on a regular basis as per the time schedule provided by the institute to maintain consistency in education.
  • The study material helps the student to gain knowledge and improve their level of preparation for the examinations 
  • A highly educated Faculty of teachers guide and motivate the student in order to provide them with a proper base for competitive examinations.
  • The doubt clearing sessions help in providing clear and explanatory knowledge related to different topics.
  • The pre-recorded lectures show the consideration given to the convenience of the student.

Contact Details


Allen Career Institute is one of the profound names in the field of education which was founded in 1988 and has been constantly devoting its maximum productive time to preparing students for different competitive Level Examinations and helping them to secure their career perspective. This coaching institute has been operating under the supervision of well-educated and experienced professionals who are always available for guiding and motivating the student in their preparation for JEE Mains examination. They have extended their operation to many major cities of the country including Pune with the motive to reach maximum students as far as possible and deliver them a good quality of education within their convenience.

Highlights of the Institute 

The following are the highlight of  the institute to elucidate the features of the coaching institute in the field of education:

  • A healthy competitive environment among students.
  • Online techno-friendly system of classes
  • Discussions and proper communication during classes
  • Descriptive study material with examples
  • Practical assessment after discussion of topics
  • Time schedule related to classes and for self-study.


The following are the relevant benefits of seeking admission in one of the most reputed coaching institutes of Pune for preparation of competitive level examinations:

  • Moderate batch size of classes ensures a proper discussion related to different topics of a particular subject.
  • The faculty of qualified teachers deliver updated knowledge and help in improving the capabilities of every student.
  • The study material helps in enhancing knowledge and is designed with the updated pattern related to different examinations.
  • The interactive session was organized to motivate and guide students in their overall growth.

Rank 3: Bakliwal Tutorials

Bakliwal Tutorials is one of the efficient choices made by engineering aspirants in the preparation for JEE mains and other relevant Engineering entrance examinations. They have designed their educational system with effective and efficient teaching strategies and easy learning methods in order to provide good quality of education and better understandability of different topics in the relevant subjects. This institute has been performing well since its establishment in April 2005 and helping students to acquire ranks in JEE Mains examination.

Salient Features

The institute has been designed with detailed analysis and specifications in order to provide better guidance to the students for which some of them are as follows:

  • The moderate batch size ensures proper guidance and reduces complications while conducting the class.
  • The lectures include proper discussions which lead to better understanding.
  • The interactive and communicative sessions provided by the teachers to the students help them to analyze the capabilities and knowledge on an individual basis.
  • The study material is decided to clear concepts and will manage to provide all the knowledge as well as include illustrative examples for clarity related to different topics.
  • The practical assessment is provided on a regular basis in order to maintain the regularity and capabilities of the students.

Test and Mocks

The related features of the test series and mock test provided by the institute are mentioned as follows:

  • The test series are conducted on a regular basis to keep an eye on the level of preparation and analyze the performance of every student in the institute for element courses.
  • The test series are set at a higher level of difficulty to prepare the students at the extreme for the examination point of view.
  • The reviews for every test series are communicated to the students to help them analyze their capabilities and then guide them according to their requirements.

Rank 4: FIITJEE Institute 

FIITJEE is another premier Institute that is helping students to acquire productive results in JEE Mains examination in Pune. It specializes in the test series conducted on a regular basis to ensure consistency in the preparation of competitive Level Examinations. The coaching institute has expanded in different parts of the country and our catering educational services to different students by way of classroom teaching and online classes in order to maintain affordability, convenience and reach two different students all across the nation. It is running under the guidance of educated and professional teachers were devoting their maximum ability in improvising the knowledge and skills of different students required for the preparation of respective competitive Level Examinations

Academic Attributes

The institute is designed in order to provide a good quality of education to its students in numerous ways. Some of them are as follows:

  • It helps in maintaining a healthy competitive environment among the students by carrying out live lecture sessions of subjects.
  • The lectures are conducted on a regular basis as per the schedule provided by the Institute to maintain consistency in education.
  • The faculty is highly educated and professional in teaching.
  • The study material is a complete package making it attractive for the student to read and include illustrative examples for better explanations.

Study Materials

The study material is a complete package provided to the student to help them 24/7 in their preparation in different ways which are as follows:

  • It is written in easy language to ensure a better understanding of different topics.
  • It consists of illustrative examples along with descriptions for better clarity.
  • Proper notes to remember are given related to different topics.
  • Revisionary papers are provided for last-day preparation.
  • Mock test paper along with previous year’s question papers to provide an outline related to examinations.

Rank 5: IITian’s Parikshan Kendra (IITPK)

It is one of the trusted coaching institutes established in Pune which has been catering educational services for the preparation of Different competitive Levels Examinations such as JEE Mains, NEET, CET, and others.  it has been a destination for the students who wish to seek continuous support and guidance from the faculty members. It has good reviews made by the student who was able to qualify to good engineering colleges in our country. It has been contributed in its best ability to the educational field from the past 18 years and has guided thousands of students every year for the preparation of JEE Mains examination.

What do we provide?

The extensive list of facilities provided by IITPK  for the preparation of JEE Mains examination are mentioned below:

  •  Online and offline mode of classes
  •  Wide range of batches
  •  Affordable programs
  •  24/7 guidance from faculty members
  •  Interactive sessions
  •  Comprehensive design study materials
  •  Doubt clearing sessions
  •  Comfortable space of learning
  •  Healthy competition

Career Orientation Programs

 The coaching institute provides a wide variety of courses being offered to the students for the preparation of different competitive Level Examination at different levels.

 It provides academic assistance to the respective  courses in different fields:

  •  JEE  mains entrance examination
  •  Long duration courses for 2 to 3 years
  •  Standard batch size of 1 year
  •  Crash courses
  •  Repeater courses
  • NEET Medical Entrance Examination
  •  Long duration courses for 2 to 3 years
  •  Standard batch size of 1 year
  •  Crash courses
  •  Repeater courses

Rank No.6- EMC2 IIT JEE Classes in Pune


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Rank No.7- Prime Academy in Pune


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Rank No.8- M. Prakash Academy in Pune


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We hope that this article is helpful for you all who are Aspiring to appear for JEE Mains examination in 2022. our motive is to fulfill all the necessary requirements and provide you ease during your preparation for your needed examination and other competitive Level Examination.  it is an effort from our website to deliver all the necessary information related to the upcoming JEE Mains examination 2022 and provide you few suggestions related to the best coaching institutes in Pune for the preparation of JEE Mains examination.

 We wish you all the best in your career opportunities!

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