Best French Language Coaching Institutes in Delhi

Best French Language Coaching Institutes in Delhi

If you want to learn French, Best French Language Coaching in Delhi is a great way to get started. Some of the institutes that offer you the opportunity to learn French in Delhi are included here, along with important information about the institute such as location, fees, course, and more. The number of students enrolled in French Language Classes in Delhi has risen dramatically since French is the most popular language to learn after one’s mother tongue. Many people choose to learn French in Delhi not only because it will boost their professional prospects, but also because it will help them master their field of interest. We can’t say that taking Top French Language Coaching in Delhi is as simple as taking a walk in the park, but learning anything new is always exciting.

Levels in the French Language:

According to the CEFR (Common European Framework of References), French has six levels, ranging from beginner A1 to expert C2.

Overview of Levels


French A1 Level:

  • Self-Introduction
  • Numbers – Alphabets
  • Common sentence framing
  • Basic Grammar for Everyday Use with Vocabulary
  • Learn to speak in the present tense.
  • Approx. The course will last 60 hours.

French A2 Level:

  • A little more advanced
  • Feelings should be expressed (hunger, thirst )
  • You’ll be able to indicate your habits, preferences, and so on.
  • Will be able to comprehend newspaper advertisements.
  • Learn how to speak in all tenses.
  • You have the option to explain your profile App. The course will last 60 hours.

French B1 Level:

  • Will be able to communicate with classmates and friends
  • Describe any events, such as a sporting event or a movie.
  • Can speak and write in a grammatically correct manner
  • You have the ability to construct your own e-mails.
  • Can take part in group discussions
  • The app allows you to express your thoughts on a variety of topics. The course will last 70 hours.

French B2 Level:

  • You have a good command of the English language.
  • React to concepts in science, technology, and other fields.
  • Ideas, opinions, benefits, and advantages can all be discussed.
  • Can write on a variety of themes in a grammatically correct manner.
  • App. The course will last 100 hours.

French C1 and C2 Levels:

  • You can read, write, and understand a wide range of complicated and lengthy content at these advanced levels.
  • You are able to communicate effectively in the language for social, academic, and professional objectives.

Why Learn French?

  • More than 40 countries around the world use French as their official language, Best French Language Coaching in Delhi.
  • Around the world, more than 200 million people speak French.
  • France is a popular study abroad location for Indian students, so if you’re one of them, you’ll need to learn the language.
  • While studying in France, learning French will make your life easier.
  • France is home to some of the world’s greatest universities and business schools; learn French to improve your chances of entrance.
  • There are over 50 French enterprises in Bangalore and over 600 in India, thus there are numerous prospects for local French speakers in these firms.
  • The French language always gives your resume and CV more weight, Best French Language Coaching in Delhi.

List Of The Best French Language Coaching Institutes in Delhi

Rank No 1 – ILSC Academy – Best French Language Coaching In Delhi

The ILSC – New Delhi offers a variety of courses to acquire the French language. The ILSC offers a Canadian-developed curriculum that consists of four language manuals: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The Best French Language Coaching in Delhi offered by ILSC New Delhi concentrate on all of the important components of the language in order to thoroughly prepare students. For students to learn from the French Learning Courses in Delhi, ILSC New Delhi offers two alternative class lengths: 1.5 hours, which focuses on study skills, and 3 hours, which includes proper communication in French.

Address: B-17, GF, Gitanjali Road, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

Working Hours: 9 am to 8 pm 

Contact No.: 084708-66266

Course Duration: 3-5 months depending on levels

Course Fee: Rs. 8500- Rs. 9000 depending on the level/course

Rank No 2 Alliance Francaise | Best French Language Coaching In Delhi

Alliance Francaise is a name that has carved out a position for itself as one of the premier colleges in Delhi offering French-language education. The Alliance Francaise de Paris, which was founded in 1884, has spread its wings to numerous cities in India, including Chandigarh and New Delhi. The Best French Language Coaching in Delhi offers French courses that equip students with methodologies and textbooks to make the learning process easier. Thematic Courses are another draw at this French Institute in New Delhi. This French Institute’s faculty is certified and provides excellent learning opportunities for all of its pupils.

Address: K.K. Birla Lane, 72, Lodi Estate, New Delhi 

Working Hours: 9 am to 6 pm (Sundays and Public holidays closed)

Contact No.: 0124-43500200 / 202

Course Duration: 4-6 months

Course Fee: Rs. 9600 approximately (exclusive of text material and other charges)

Rank No 3 World Languages | Best French Language Coaching In Delhi

The World Languages Centre in New Delhi is also well-known for offering Best French Language Coaching in Delhi. This institute offers weekday lessons that are held three times a week for one and a half hours each and cover various parts of the French language for students to learn and progress in. This Institute’s French Language classes concentrate on students’ reading, speaking, listening, writing, and grammatical skills. This institute has an audiovisual area where you can practise your vocal and listening skills. In addition, this institute offering French training in Delhi offers a library that may be used as needed, French Language Coaching in Delhi.

Address: ED 35 B (Madhuban Chownk), In Front of Metro Station, Pitampura, Delhi 

Working Hours: 8 am to 8:30 pm 

Contact No.: 011-4248-6161

Course Duration: 3 months for a beginner level course 

Course Fee: Rs. 12,000 for beginner level course

Rank No 4 – European Institute | Best French Language Coaching In Delhi

Another institute, the European Institute of French Languages, also known as the Foreign Language Guru, is located in Karol Bagh, Delhi, and provides courses in foreign languages as well as International Studies. This is a comprehensive learning platform that allows students to learn foreign languages in the most comfortable manner possible. Apart from French, this Delhi institute regularly offers training in other foreign languages such as Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. The key to this Institute’s success in providing French language lessons in Delhi is its versatility. Best French Language Coaching in Delhi also welcomes any student, senior citizen, or any individual who want to learn a foreign language.

Address: 15A/04, WEA, Saraswati Marg, Karol Bagh, Near Karol Bagh Metro Station, Delhi 

Working Hours: 10 am to 8 pm 

Contact No.: 011-4566-0965 

Course Duration: 3 months duration of the basic course 

Course Fee: Rs. 18,000 for the basic course

Rank  No 5 – Cosmolingua Institute | Best French Language Coaching In Delhi

Cosmolingua Institute of French Languages is a prominent institute that offers a communicative approach to learning foreign languages. The major goal of Cosmolingua Institute, which provides programmes for students learning foreign languages, is to assist students in making use of useful sources and improving their foreign language skills as a result. This Institute, which offers French Language classes, is equipped with high-tech audiovisual sources and a variety of modern amenities for the convenience of students. Students with free Internet access have immediate access to all of the informational sources for knowledge growth.

Address: 105, Sector8, Dwarka, Bagdola, New Delhi 

Working Hours: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm 

Contact No.: +91-99999-10063

Course Duration: 3 months for the starting course 

Course Fee: ranges in between Rs. 10,000- Rs. 15,000

Rank No 6 – Ecole De Francais | Best French Language Coaching In Delhi

The Ecole De Francais in New Delhi is another well-known institute that offers foreign language studies. This institute, which offers classes in French languages such as French, provides students with the necessary learning opportunities to thrive in extracurricular activities and seek employment in those sectors. Students who excel in the French language can open doors to a variety of employment opportunities, and this French-language Institute in Delhi gives appropriate supervision and support in the learning process. The Ecole De Francais in New Delhi is a well-known facility to learn French.

Address: WZ44 Meenakshi Garden PO Tilak Nagar, Near Subhash Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi 

Working Hours: 3 pm to 7 pm 

Contact No.: 098110-16898

Course Duration: beginners course of 3-4 months 

Course Fee: ranging in between Rs. 12000- Rs. 15000 for the beginner’s stage

Rank No 7 – Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Foreign Languages

The Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Foreign Languages at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is one of the oldest institutes in the National Capital that offers intense foreign language education. This institution engages in a 3-year activity that is separated into 6 semesters, each lasting 5 months, in order to acquire the Russian language. Students who pass the exam at the conclusion of the second semester are awarded certifications, while those who continue to study the language and pass the fourth semester are awarded Diploma degrees, Best French Language Coaching in Delhi.

Address: Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Vakil Lane, Mandi House, New Delhi 

Working Hours: as per the batch timings 

Contact No.: +91-11-23382005

Course Duration: Semester system starting in January as well as August every year. Each semester is of 5 months each 

Course Fee: Rs. 13,500 per semester

The demand for French language study has risen over time, as have the number of institutes offering French language lessons in Delhi. These institutes not only give the greatest teachers, but they also assist students in broadening their career options. As a result, Delhi’s French Language Courses are a must-take because they will enable you to communicate fluently in the language and therefore pursue a profession in this field with ease.

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