How to Prepare For GATE Examination?

How to Prepare For GATE Examination?

Prepare For GATE Examination, The graduate test in engineering, commonly known as the get entrance examination, is a national-level engineering entrance examination that is conducted in India. This examination is taken by a number of students who want to participate in the master’s courses for the private sector undertaking recruitments. The competition level is very high for this examination and because of which the candidate should know how to prepare for the GATE examination in an effective manner, Choose One of the best Gate coaching in Chandigarh.

Points to Keep in Mind While Preparing for GATE 2022

Following are the points that a candidate should keep in mind while preparing for the GATE examination:- 

  • Starting Early is the Best 

It is important for a candidate to take the first step at the earliest by starting your preparation for the GATE examination on the early note will provide you enough time to prepare as per you can also check this labours and other things at a pace at which you are comfortable. Another advantage of starting your preparation early is that you will be able to provide more time to your studies and just focus on your vision in the final few months so that you are at the top of your condition during the GATE examination. There are a lot of benefits of starting early and because of which it is recommended to the candidates to start early.

  • One should know About the Syllabus and the Examination Pattern.

Candidates should be fully prepared about what they are going to face. It is very important that there is a tough competition between the candidates to get good scores in the GATE examination and to win you need to know everything about the examination. the basic syllabus and the examination pattern of the GATE examination is the important element that a candidate should be familiar with while starting the preparation the examination pattern will give you an idea that how the examination will be conducted and the syllabus will allow you to know what are the topics in the units which you have studied and you have to study. This will help you in making a strategic plan for the preparation of the GATE entrance examination.

What is the Examination Pattern for GATE 2022?

Particulars Details
Examination Mode Computer Based Test (Online)
Duration 3 Hours
Number of Papers in GATE 2022 29 Papers
  • General Aptitude (GA)
  • Candidate Selected Subject
Type of Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Multiple Select Questions (MCQs)
  • Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions
Design of Questions The questions are designed to test the listed abilities

  • Application
  • Analysis
  • Comprehension
  • Recall
  • Synthesis
Number of Questions 65 Questions (including 10 questions from General Aptitude)
Distribution of Questions in all Papers except AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, and XL Engineering Mathematics – 13 Marks

Subject Questions – 72 Marks

General Aptitude – 15 Marks

Distribution of Questions in AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, XH, and XL Questions from Subject Concerned – 85 Marks

General Aptitude – 15 Marks

Total Marks 100 Marks
Marking Scheme All of the questions will be worth 1 or 2 marks
Negative Marking Two types of MCQs:

MCQs – 1 mark for each correct answer; 1/3 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.

MCQs – 2 marks for each correct answer; 2/3 marks will be deducted for every incorrect response. There are no negative marking for Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions

NO negative marking for MSQ & NAT.

Which Topic has More Weightage 

After having a piece of good knowledge about this labour, the next step a candidate should take is to understand the weightage of a particular topic. Some of the topics in the syllabus have more weightage in a question paper and this might help you in scoring more. If you provide more focus to the topics that have more weightage the candidates can check the previous year’s question papers of the GATE examination to analyze or find out the topics and syllabus that have more weightage by shortlisting. the topics the candidate can focus on the topics that can give them more scores

A Candidate should fix a Study Schedule 

Choose the best Gate coaching for the Gate examination, Fixing a study schedule can help you in strategic learning. A personalized study schedule according to your aptitude can be created in which different topics and units are divided as per the preference of a candidate by having a proper study schedule. The candidate will be able to track their progress and can also analyze how much they have studied. This will also decrease the chances of diverting from the preparation by preparing the study schedule. The candidate should try to keep daily and weekly targets to analyze the progress. The division of subjects and units should be done in such a manner that the candidates get more time for the difficult topics in the study schedule. The candidate should also include the revision and mock test a candidate should make sure that the study schedule fits your standards, Tips and Tricks for crack Gate Exam.

Pick the correct reference material 

Correct reference material will provide you with an edge over others during the preparation of the GATE 2022 examination. The candidates can refer to the undergraduate textbooks since the syllabus for the examination is similar to the textbooks. The candidate should also use extra books for reference and this is highly recommended by referring to the extra books. the candidate will be able to gain a wider knowledge about the subjects or the topics along with the best books. The candidate should also watch online lectures and refer to the previous Gate toppers interview so that they can know about the sources of the study.

Analyze your strengths 

Self-assessment or self-analysis plays a very important role in the preparation of any examination. It is best for a candidate to understand what they are strong at and what they need to focus more on. The candidate should make sure that the topics in which they have confidence are studied properly so that they can get more chances of scoring well in those subjects. The candidate can also focus on scoring more marks in the two compulsory sections of the GATE examination, that is the aptitude test and Engineering mathematics. These subjects consist of the basic topics newspapers and past papers of the competitive examinations can be checked for the preparation of these two sections. There are some of the best books that a candidate should use for the preparation of these subjects.

Consult to the experts to clear the confusion 

During the preparation process if you are finding any difficulty then the best way to resolve it is to communicate with the expert teaching faculty. You can talk to your fellow students and the Teachers to have a healthy discussion on the topic that you are not understanding. This will help you know the progress of your friends and will also motivate you to prepare for the GATE examination. Clearing all the concepts with teachers and friends will always be beneficial for the candidates. They can also try to join different online groups for dedicated preparation for the GATE entrance examination.

Revise on the Regular Basis 

Tips and Tricks for crack Gate Exam, Plays an important role in the preparation of a candidate. The most important factor to prepare for the GATE examination is definitely the revision. The candidate should give enough time to revise different topics and chapters so that they can remember everything they have studied. The candidate should have a few hours in the daily study schedule for revision so that it will help them in understanding the topics more and knowing about which topics more time revision will also allow the candidate to know how much of the topic and chapters they have studied and how much is left.

Learn How to Manage time 

Another important thing that a candidate should follow is to learn how to manage time since the examination is only of 3-hour duration. The candidate should know how they have to manage their time in the examination. If the time is not managed properly by the candidates then there is a higher chance of attempted questions. The best way to learn time management is by solving a lot of mock tests of the GATE examination. Solving a mock test will allow the candidates to practice completing the examination within the given time period by practising time management and the candidate will ensure that they score well in the examination.

Keep your Mind and Body Healthy.

Tips and Tricks for crack Gate Exam, It is important to focus on your studies but it is equally important to keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally if you are sick and not well no matter how hard you prepare for the examination you will not be able to concentrate on your studies. Therefore, a candidate should make sure that they are eating healthy food and are getting enough sleep so that they can prepare for the examination well. The candidate should also take breaks in between the study sessions to perform a good study. The candidate should always indulge in extracurricular activities so that they can refresh their mind during their studies.

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