GS Foundation Course For UPSC

GS Foundation Course for UPSC Examination

There are many coaching institutes that are guiding numerous students every year in the preparation of the Civil Services Examination for UPSC. The best coaching institutes providing GS Foundation Course Complete preparation subjects for prelims and mains examinations. The GS foundation course provided by the top five coaching institutes in India comprises all the necessary preparation of relevant subjects such as General Studies, essay writing, current affairs, and general knowledge as well as the interview process. There are many coaching institutes that cater to the best facilities in the preparation of Civil Services Examinations. They provide a complete package for the preparation of the UPSC examination through complete guidance provided for the GS foundation course as prescribed by Prelims and Mains of UPSC Examinations.

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The Top coaching institutes are guiding the students with their methodologies of learning and enhancing the academic strength of students for the relevant UPSC Examinations. The Top 5 Coaching Institutes providing academic assistance for GS Foundation Courses for UPSC Examination have been constantly performing well and contributing their maximum in shaping the future of many candidates every year. The top Coaching Institutes hold a larger strength of students preparing their course from the respective institutions and gaining confidence at their level of preparation for the UPSC Examination.


GS foundation course is a program is a holistic course that comprises the preparation of all aspects of Civil services examinations of UPSC. It is a General Studies paper for the conduct of IAS Prelims and IAS Mains Examination. It also includes preparation of Current Affairs, General Knowledge, and essay writing for the relevant competitive level examinations. The Competition has been risen by the introduction of the Civil Service Aptitude Test( CSAT).

Importance of GS Foundation Course at different levels of UPSC ExaminationGS Foundation Course 

GS  foundation course includes the respective details of different levels for UPSC examinations which are mentioned below:

  • UPSC Prelims examinations
  1.  GS Paper 1 
  2. GS Paper 2 ( CSAT)
  • UPSC Mains Examination
  1. General Studies  Ⅰ
  2. General Studies Ⅱ
  3. General Studies Ⅲ
  4. General Studies Ⅳ
  5. Essay writing 
  6. English and Hindi language
  • Interview Preparation

Subject-wise Information

The subjects included in the respective GS foundation papers and their relevant details are mentioned as follows:

Paper Name Subjects Maximum Marks  Duration of Exam

General Studies 1

  • Current events of national and international importance.
  • History of India
  • Indian National Movement.
  • Indian and World Geography
  • Indian Polity and Governance
  • Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.
  • Economic and Social Development
  • Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc.
  • General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity, and Climate Change
  • General Science
200 Marks 2 Hours 
General Studies 2


  • Comprehension
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills;
  • Logical reasoning and analytical ability
  • Decision-making and problem solving
  • General mental ability
  • Basic numeracy
  • Data interpretation & Data sufficiency


200 Marks  2 Hours

 General Studies 1

  • Ancient India
  • Art and Culture
  • Medieval India
  • Modern India
  • World History
  • Post-Independence Indian developments
  • Indian Society
  • Physical Geography
  • Indian and World Geography
250 Marks 3 Hours
General Studies 2
  • The Constitution
  • Governance and Polity
  • Social Justice
  • Policies
  • Bills and Schemes
  • International Relations
  • Foreign Policy of India
  • International Institutions
250 Marks 3 Hours
General Studies 3
  • Indian Economy
  • Banking and Finance
  • Agriculture, Infrastructure and Investment Policies
  • Science and Technology
  • Disaster Management
  • Environment and Bio-diversity
  • Security Issues and Challenges
250 Marks 3 Hours
General Studies 4
  • Theoretical Section
  • Case Studies
  • Ethics, Morals, and Values –
  • Corruption, Attitude, Responsibility, etc
  • Personalities
250 Marks 3 Hours
Essay Writing Any relevant topics 250 Marks 3 Hours


Notes – 

  • English language comprehensive skill paper has continued to be excluded from UPSC Prelims examination.
  • This general studies 2 of prelims examination (CSAT) is qualifying in nature with 33% marks from aggregate 200 marks.
  • The essay writing paper includes two different perspectives:
    • Two essays of 1250 words each or
    •  one essay of 2500 words.


Here we provide you a detailed analysis of the top 5 coaching institutes which provide complete preparation for the GS foundation course and prepare the student will for the relevant UPSC examination. it is a platform that enhances the academic capabilities of the students who wish to clear UPSC Prelims and mains examinations. These top 5 coaching institute in India for the GS foundation course has enabled many students to secure their career objective and achieve good marks in respective papers of UPSC examinations.

Rank 1:  Study Champion

It is the most trusted coaching institute in India which are providing the best resources for the preparation of the UPSC examination. It is a platform that modifies the academic capabilities of the students and helps them to enhance their career opportunities by providing them with all the necessary information related to the examination and providing them with constant support during the preparation time. It is one of the valid choices made by the students preparing for UPSC examinations to see career guidance for the GS foundation course. It is a legitimate identity in the educational field that provides GS foundation courses to the students as per the latest syllabus and prepares them well for both general studies papers of prelims and mains examinations. It provides complete syllabus coverage along with preparation of essay writing and interview process. 

What do we provide?

There are extensive facilities provided by the institute in the preparation of the GS foundation course for all the students to enhance their preparation level by fulfilling all the necessary requirements which are as follows:

  • Complete coverage of syllabus- The institute ensures completion of all the necessary topics under GS Foundation course.
  • Modes of learning- Different modes of learning provided by the institute which is offline and online classes for effective subjects in GS Foundation giving consideration to the convenience of the students.
  •  Moderate batch size- The batches are conducted with a moderate number of students to maintain clarity and ensure a better understanding of a respective concept been discussed in a class.
  •  Affordable packages- The institutes focus on preparing an affordable range of GS Foundation courses to reach the Maximum strength of students.
  • Excellent quality of education- the institute focuses on delivering the best resources to the students for their GS Foundation course.
  • Regular tests – Regular test series and answer keys are shared Which the students to provide a learning pattern.
  •  It includes complete coverage of all the relevant  NCERT books, IGNOU notes, and other relevant information.

 Rank 2:  Khan Study Group (KSG India)

It is is founded by Dr. Khan in 2008 who is currently the director of the institution. It is the next most trusted coaching institution provide educational facilities for the GS foundation course of UPSC examination Being supervised by highly educated and experienced faculty of teachers it is an institution that provides complete knowledge of the respective course and caters to its best services to transform the academic capabilities confidence of the candidate appearing for UPSC examination. It has been established and immensely grown with his well-structured education facilities provided to the student for the preparation of competition Level Examination.

 Advantages of the institute

The following are the advantages Fetched by the students on seeking career guidance from this Institute

  •  The students develop an understanding of the conceptual knowledge of subjects and their application in real.
  • They are able to communicate and clear their doubt from the prescribed authority of teachers.
  •  The students have unlimited access to the recorded lecture and are assigned a proper batch to maintain regularity and consistency in teaching.
  • The students are able to keep a check on their preparation level through the conduct of regular test series.
  •  General interactive sessions are organized to maintain a better relationship between teachers and students that help them during the preparation time.
  •  The resources are structured as per the latest syllabus of the upcoming examination and in short proper knowledge is being transmitted through it.


Rank 3: VISION IAS Coaching Institute

It is one of the most recommended coaching institutes in India which are preparing students with their GS foundation course and at turning out positive results of the aspirants on qualifying UPSC examinations. It is providing excellent quality of education and shapes the future of many students every year with their explicitly designed study materials and highly communicate of teachers who maintain a good relationship with their students and resolve their doubts regularly during their preparation time. The institution is a source of motivation among the students as ensure proper flow of education under one roof through online mode of teaching keeping in view the recent synod use of covid-19 and the convenience of many students.

Specification of the institute

The following are the certain specifications of the institute which makes it a valuable choice by the students for the GS foundation course:

  • It provides all the necessary requirements for the preparation of UPSC examination and GS foundation course.
  •  It is being carried on by a team of highly educated and experienced teachers who constantly support their students.
  •   Regular tests and mock tests are being conducted to ensure the proper flow of education and regularity in learning.
  •  Current affairs sessions are organized to keep the student of updating about the happenings in the world.
  •  Interactive sessions ensure a communicable relationship between the students and teachers which turns out to be valuable during the preparation time.

Rank 4: ALS IAS Coaching institute

It is one of the most popular coaching institutes among the students who are preparing for the GS foundation course for the UPSC examination. It determines the student to carry their preparation in an appropriate direction to achieve maximum results. it has been performing extremely well in its operational years and gaining a reputation in the educational field. The teachers and the other faculty members of the institution are contributing their maximum in turning on  the ability of the students to its maximum and enabling them to qualify for the UPSC examination in their first attempt.

Key features of the institute

The following are key features of the institute that will determine its characteristics to be one of the most popular coaching institutes for GS foundation courses in India:

  •  It provides online educational facilities to the students and helps them to qualify UPSC examination with better academic knowledge.
  •  It provides all the necessary resources for the preparation such as study materials of relevant subjects, test books, current affairs booklet and many others.
  •  The one-to-one interactive sessions are organized between the teachers and students to clarify their doubts at regular intervals and provide an appropriate direction to the preparation.
  •  The Interview preparation is been conducted by the Institution.
  •  The regular test series and mocktails being conducted by the institute ensure the correct flow of learning.
  •  The Teachers provide complete knowledge related to relevant subjects from Basics to advanced level.

Rank 5: Maluka IAS Academy

It is one of the renowned institutes for the preparation GS foundation Courses Which set a benchmark in the educational field growing immensely year after year and guiding a number of students through their online facility  of teaching which enables the student to generate good outcome to the preparation of UPSC examination. It is an institute with provides the best quality of education being supervised under the guidance of experienced and educated Faculty of teachers who are 24/7 available to assess the students. It has been e grown and spread over many centers all across the country which are catering good a visit to the students preparing for civil services examinations and other competitive Level Examination.

Facilities provided by the institute

This certain personality is provided by the institute for the course of GS Foundation are mentioned below:

  • Online and offline modes of learning
  • Moderate batch size classes
  • Affordable fees for GS foundation course
  • Guidance from highly experienced teachers
  •  Completion of the whole syllabus as per the latest examination pattern.
  •  The regular test series
  •  Performance analysis
  •  Interactive sessions
  •  Current affairs classes
  •  Interview preparation
  • E-Library.

It is valuable information to be shared with the candidates appearing for the UPSC examination and wish to see career guidance for GS Foundation courses. these factors would help the candidates to analyze different aspects of different Institutes providing GS Foundation courses and select an appropriate one as per their convenience.

We hope the information is useful to you and would lead you to make an efficient decision for the preparation of the UPSC examination.

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